Cuban dictatorship prohibits a nighttime religious procession

Religious persecution is alive and well in communist Cuba. Foreign tourists can roam all over the Castro dictatorship’s Potemkin Village at night, but Cubans are not allowed to have a religious procession.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuban government prohibits a nighttime procession in Camagüey for the Virgin of Charity

The Cuban government prohibited the nighttime procession of the Virgin of Charity in the town of Esmeralda, located in the province of Camagüey. Priest Alberto Reyes expressed his indignation at the decision, which caused discontent among local Catholic faithful.

The celebration of the novena to the patroness of Cuba usually culminates with a solemn mass followed by the procession, in which devotees accompany the image with their prayers and chants.

On social media, the priest said the unappealable decision of the communist authorities, who prohibited the mentioned activity and rescheduled it for 6:00 p.m., even though the weather conditions at that time are not suitable for a procession.

“My idea, that of the parish council and the Christian community in Esmeralda, was to celebrate the Mass at night and then go out in procession. But it cannot be like that because the unappealable decision of the only Party that exists in this country has said no,” the priest denounced on his Facebook account.

The priest lamented the constant government interference in religious activities and their meticulous control over them. He also pointed out that this restriction comes at a critical time for the country, where shortages of food, medicine, and fuel are affecting the daily lives of citizens.

Despite the prohibition, the priest affirmed the procession’s occurrence due to the need to pray for the prosperity and freedom of the Cuban people. He also called for reflection on the power and responsibility of those in charge, reminding everyone the church can be a refuge of protection in difficult times.

“We will pray for them and for all those who allow them to keep the leashes short, even though they suffer the same hardships and live with the same fears. We will pray for them to remind them of what they already know: that when all this is over (and it will end), this Church they are persecuting today may be the only one that protects them from violence and revenge, the only one that treats them as the human beings they are, the only one that looks at them with mercy,” expressed the priest.

Reyes’ words received the support of dozens of commenters devoted to the Virgin of Charity. “Long live the Virgin and long live our Cuban people. I will pray for you, Father Alberto, may the Virgin protect you. Thank you always for your words that contain a profound truth,” said Marta Conde Molina, one of the commenters.

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