Shocking! Two more airlines reduce flights from U.S. to Cuba due to low demand

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Ha! First Jet Blue, then Iberia and Iberojet, now it’s Delta’s turn, along with United.

The airline retreat from Cuba is turning into a stampede. And all these airlines cite low demand as the reason for ending or reducing their flights to the Caribbean totalitarian hellhole.

Maybe the call made yesterday by Notre Dame president John Jenkins is already having an effect? In a Washington Post editorial he suggested that Nicaragua “should be isolated as an international pariah for trying to ‘disappear’ Catholicism, freedom of worship and free speech.” 

Could it be that Father Jenkins made enlightened readers of the mainstream news media suddenly realize that Cuba is much more deserving of pariah status than Nicaragua and Venezuela? Yeah, sure. That editorial has as much of a chance of deterring people from traveling to Cuba as it has of making Castro, Inc. repent for all its crimes and relinquish power.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Just hours after the US airline JetBlue announced the suspension of all its flights to Cuba as of next September 17, two other companies that have itineraries to the island requested the US Department of Transportation for an exemption from inactivity in several of their routes due to depressed travel demand between the two countries.

According to Aviación Online, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines asked the federal authority to suspend several of their frequencies during the fall and winter because there are currently more flights and seats than the demand justifies.

In the case of Delta Air Lines, it requested a season exemption from October 29, 2023 to March 30, 2024, for its seven Atlanta-Havana frequencies and seven of its fourteen Miami-Havana frequencies.

According to the report, “although the demand between the United States and Cuba continues to be depressed, the company hopes that it will recover and allow services to be reintroduced” in the future.

Regarding United Airlines, on June 8, it notified the Department of Transportation of the suspension of its services between the Newark airport and Havana as of October 29, 2023 due to “economic circumstances.” This means that Cuba loses all non-stop connections with New York.

Likewise, the airline explained that it does not want exemption from inactivity for these frequencies, but that it will focus all its operations on Havana from its hub, at the Houston-Intercontinental airport. Currently, United is the only US airline that does not offer flights between Florida and Cuba.

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2 thoughts on “Shocking! Two more airlines reduce flights from U.S. to Cuba due to low demand”

  1. Absolutely correct asombra. The illusion that Fidel created has been destroyed. The facade of the Potemkin village has fallen and people see the reality of Cuba. The communist government has created a ruthless, corrupt, pitiful nation that does not deserve to be part of the civilized world. Who in their right mind wants to be associated with that? Of course tourism is down.

    This is what happens when you brutally suppress a peaceful demonstration asking for change. The political damage takes time but it is now costing Cuba and will continue to get worse. You reap what you sow, Those who took part in July 11 must take heart. Their courage has started a small stone rolling which in time will turn into an avalanche.

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