Cuban dictatorship arrests homeless mother and her 2 children for taking shelter in an abandoned home

If you want to see the compassion of socialism at work, just look 90 miles south to communist Cuba, where homeless mothers and their children are arrested for seeking shelter.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Mother of two arrested for sheltering in a Havana home

A Cuban mother was arrested by the police this Saturday for illegally occupying an uninhabited house in Havana.

According to the complaint sent to journalist Alberto Arego, Esmary Despaigne, 25 and the mother of two children, had been living in an abandoned house for approximately 10 days when the police forcibly removed her and took her into custody.

“I lived there for 10 days because I sneaked in on August 21st, and they made me leave yesterday (Saturday). Even while I was detained in the station with two minors in the house along with an elderly person, without communication, water, food, or any news of my children until 10 o’clock at night when they released me. I had to pay a bail of 2,000 pesos, which is a month’s salary in Cuba, but after 10 days, the property suddenly shows up. I can’t take it anymore,” the young woman complained.

According to what she told Arego, nobody had been living in the house for three years, but when she arrived, cleaned it up, and settled in, the property suddenly became an issue.

The woman, who lives at 1659 Calzada del Cerro between La Rosa and Piñera, apartment 3, said that no local authorities have responded to a land request she made in 2018, and she has nowhere to live.

“I’ve been at this for years, and when I finally manage to sneak into an abandoned house, after 10 days of living there, the police call me without any prior notice, but well, I went, and they detained me from 10:00 a.m. until 11 at night,” she explained.

The supposed niece of the house’s owner, Yolanda Agramonte Méndez, filed a complaint for illegal occupation and claimed to have been a victim of theft by the young mother, something that Despaigne denied.

“Unfortunately, I have no way to emigrate or buy a house because everything here is about money, but what I am sure of is that I won’t give up like this. I will fight for my children; I just ask for your support,” Esmary Despaigne responded.

Having already vacated the house and now on the street, the mother is requesting that her case be made public and denounces the abuse of power by the Cuban police.

As she said earlier, she is desperate and cannot occupy another vacant house.

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