The pope sticks his holy nose in politics again

Sunday morning, and I have to usher at the 11 a.m. Mass. I will say an extra prayer and ask for forgiveness for talking about the pope’s holy nose. At the same time, I hope God understands that his man at the Vatican does stick his holy nose in our politics too much.

Down in Argentina, the situation is tense, and a new political player named Javier Milei is shaking things up. Apparently, Pope Francis is not happy:

From Rome, Pope Francis has expressed grave concern about the rise of such callous policies in his home country. “The extreme right always reconstructs itself, it is the triumph of selfishness over communitarianism,” he said in a television interview in March when asked about Argentina’s upcoming elections.

In words that seemed to be referring to Milei, the only candidate in the 22 October vote with no political experience prior to 2021, the pope added: “I am terrified of saviours of the nation without a political party history.”

With all due respect to Pope Francis, maybe he should talk to people going to Mass down there.

You can read the rest of my piece at American Thinker.

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1 thought on “The pope sticks his holy nose in politics again”

  1. With all due respect? With his track record? What respect would that be? And the “holy” bit is nominal, obviously, regarding his nose and his whole person. Has he attacked leftist Latrine figures for having little political experience and still running for president? No? Imagine that. He doesn’t even have to say it: he’d prefer the beyond-corrupt Cretina Kirchner back as president to someone “right wing.” Vade retro, Bergoglio.

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