Castro dictatorship claims it has ‘uncovered’ Russian smuggling ring sending Cubans to fight in Ukraine

This would be like Iran claiming it has uncovered an Islamist terrorist cell, or the Mexican cartels claiming they’ve exposed a drug smuggling operation. Communist Cuba’s claim is just as laughable.

The Center for a FREE Cuba explains:

Is Havana covering up its military presence in Ukraine?

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today launched a smokescreen to misdirect attention from their support for Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine. It is reminiscent of another launched by Havana in 1989 that became known as the Ochoa affair. Agents of influence will now mobilize to advance Havana’s spin, and call for giving the 64-year-old military dictatorship the benefit of the doubt. During the Ochoa affair, the Castro regime had Ana Belen Montes firmly embedded at the Pentagon in the Defense Intelligence Agency both spying for Havana, and manipulating U.S. policy, and media coverage towards Cuba. The failure to recognize what the dictatorship in Cuba continues to do to flood the United States with cocaine, is a factor that is costing lives. In 1999, the year when Washington intensified sharing intelligence and cooperation with Havana on “anti-narcotics” efforts 3,186 U.S. citizens died of cocaine overdoses. In 2021, after 22 years of this “cooperation” 23,513 died in 2021.

It now appears that with regards to Ukraine, the Castro regime seeks to carry out the same type of campaign. Although Cuba is a totalitarian dictatorship with centralized control, and an effective police state — one is now to believe that the Cuban government was not aware of “a human trafficking network originating in Russia that has been recruiting Cuban citizens to fight on behalf of Russia in Ukraine.” The claim made in today’s official statement by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez that “Cuba is not part of the war in Ukraine” does not pass the smell test for several reasons.

It is worth reviewing what Havana has been up to in addition to the visible presence of Cuban soldiers fighting in Ukraine to back Moscow’s illegal war, and the statements made by young Cubans shipped abroad.

  • The EU-CELAC Summit was held in Brussels from July 17-18, 2023, during which Havana successfully vetoed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s bid to attend the Summit, with the help of both Caracas and Managua.
  • On June 28, 2023, Cuba and Russian defense ministers met in Moscow to discuss joint ‘technical military’ projects.
  • On May 24, 2023 Havana voted against the World Health Organization resolution condemning Russian attacks on Ukrainian health systems. It was one of nine “No” votes against the Europe backed resolution.
  • On May 19, 2023 Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel declared to Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitri Chernishenko, “Cuba’s unconditional support for the Russian Federation in its confrontation with the West.”
  • On May 18, 2023, Valery Revenka, Head of the Department of International Military Cooperation – Assistant to the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus for International Military Cooperation, revealed that Cuban military personnel will conduct military training in the Republic of Belarus.
  • On November 22, 2022, Miguel Diaz-Canel was in Moscow alongside Vladimir Putin, unveiling a statue of Fidel Castro and confirming Havana’s support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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