Canadian government warns all travelers to Cuba: ‘exercise high degree of caution’

From our Bureau of Extreme Party Poopers with some assistance from our Woes of Apartheid Tourism Bureau

Wow! Who thought this could ever happen? Apartheid-loving Canada is throwing a wet blanket on the dream-holiday-in-Cuba crowd from the Great White North.

Prepare for shortages of basic necessities, crime, and sexual assaults. What a downer, man. That’s no fun.

Does this mean that Canadians will stop flocking to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels and resorts? Probably not, but it might lead some Canadians to think twice before booking that fun-in-the-sun apartheid holiday.

Babalu has a suggestion for Castrophillic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Hey, now that you’re single, why don’t you go down there and show your fellow Canadians that there is nothing to fear. Make a reality mini-series: “Justin and His Cigar Ladies Do Varadero.” Cameras can follow you everywhere, showing how safe and enjoyable travel to Cuba can be when you have a squad of body guards and a planeload of goodies to bring along with you.

Fellow fashionista Czar Vlad the Invader has already signed a deal with Netflix for a similar mini-series. His slogan: “No worries, all is safe here, not like Ukraine.”

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Government of Canada issued an alert to its travelers to Cuba that asks them to “exercise a high degree of caution” when visiting the Island, due to “the shortage of basic products, including food, medicine and fuel,” as well as the danger of being robbed and sexually harassed.

According to an update on Cuba travel policy released on September 5, which placed a yellow alert for the island, travelers planning to travel there should take into account that it “faces chronic shortages and severe shortage of basic necessities, including food, bottled water, medicine, fuel and hard currency.

“Fuel shortages are currently critical and affect a wide range of services. Traveling across the Island is extremely challenging. Public transport services, including taxis, are often disrupted, leaving tourists with few options for travel. Some travelers have been temporarily stranded with a rental car,” he says.

“Hotels and resorts, which often use generators during power outages, may not be able to maintain their services. Fuel shortages can also affect government services,” she adds.

She warns the report that “shortages can lead to disruptions to other essential services. There are often long lines at gas stations, which have led to riots.”

Another aspect highlighted by the authorities is the one that implies the safety of women, especially those who travel alone.

“Solo female travelers may be subject to some forms of sexual harassment. Incidents of sexual assault against Canadian women have occurred, including at beach resorts,” the report acknowledges.

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  1. So Trudeau and the wife are splitsville? She seemed perfect for him–cosmetically gifted and suitably vapid. Maybe he wants something edgier now, like a trans female. Well, his parents were not the best role models.

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