Hacked documents reveal details of Russia’s recruitment of Cubans for war in Ukraine

Russian in charge of Cuban recruitment: Major Anton Valentinovich Perevozchikov 

From our Bureau of Insufficient Camouflage with some assistance from our Bureau of Cannon Fodder From Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Suddenly, after many months of being successfully hidden, some secrets closely guarded by Grand Putinia and Castro, Inc. have been exposed.

Russia’s recruitment of Cubans to use as cannon fodder in Ukraine is undeniable, and the details being released about this backdoor operation prove conclusively that Czar Vlad the Invader has begun to deal with Cuba as any emperor would with one of his colonies.

It’s a small-scale operation involving only around 100 Cuban recruits, but revelations about its existence are stirring up controversy on various levels and giving rise to disinformation campaigns aimed at deflecting blame from those who are really responsible for this dirty little venture .

Castro, Inc. is denying its involvement in this operation and also saying it is shocked, shocked that “human traffickers” had been kidnapping young Cubans to send to Ukraine without its knowledge.

We have videos of young Cubans in Russia and Ukraine. We have recruitment documents. We know the identity of the Russian military official in charge of the recruiting. We know the identity of the Cuban lieutenant in charge of Cuban troops. We have testimony on social media from Cubans involved in this war and their worried relatives in Cuba.

Aaaah. But will anyone pay attention? Will a wave of indignation sweep the world? You know the answer.

From The Intercept

Activist hackers known as the “Cyber Resistance” and allied to the Ukrainian government recently infiltrated the personal email account of a Russian officer in the Western Military District who was involved in the recruitment of Cubans. The stolen data offers rare and previously unseen insight into how Russia operates its pipeline of foreign mercenaries into the Ukraine conflict.

Within the cache of hacked documents are approximately 122 passport scans and images of Cuban nationals, all fighting-aged males, along with a series of Spanish-language enlistment contracts in with a section of the Russian Armed Forces headquartered in the city of Tula, where a military school and airborne soldiers are known to be located. The contracts are templates, not fully executed agreements, but they sketch the incentives Russia appears to be offering foreign fighters.

The contracts promise “a one-time cash payment in the amount of 195,000 rubles,” about $2,000, for the Cubans signing on to serve in the zone of the “special military operation” (the Kremlin euphemism for the war in Ukraine) and monthly payments starting at “204,000 rubles per month,” or just over $2,000, depending on rank, along with several spousal and family benefits. So far, these types of official Russian military contracts geared toward foreign nationals have mostly been discussed in regional media reports (such as those targeting ethnic Russian men in former Soviet republics, according to the British Ministry of Defence).

One set of images in the hacked documents shows single passports with a hand holding up entry cards into Russia above them, revealing that a group of at least five Cuban men entered the country through Belarus, a key Kremlin ally, on July 1. A little over a month before that arrival date, a senior Belarussian military official made a public show of pledging to train Cuban troops on its territory.

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  1. If, repeat, IF they are getting paid like regular mercenaries, as opposed to like Castronoid rent-a-docs, they are getting a better deal than the Cubans sent to fight for Soviet interests in Africa, who were just cannon fodder. But, all things considered, it is highly likely that they’re still getting screwed.

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