Russian Ministry of Truth attacks Cuban counterpart, denies human trafficking and recruiting Cuban mercenaries

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Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Despite the propaganda from Havana, which claimed to have arrested 17 people who were members of a clandestine network for recruiting Cuban mercenaries for the invasion of Ukraine, and the evidence that there are hundreds of men from the island hired by the Ministry of Defense of the Kremlin, the Russian Duma assured that Moscow has not recruited any Cubans.

According to statements by deputy Alexei Chepa, first vice-president of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma (Lower House of the Federal Assembly of Russia, or Parliament), reports on the recruitment of Cubans to participate on Russia’s side in the ” New World Order”, as Moscow euphemistically calls its invasion of the neighboring country, are false.

In statements to the Russian media, Chepa did not rule out that Cubans on the island could “self-organize in chats” to help the Russian Federation, in reference to the statement by the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) of the Cuban regime on the dismantling of an alleged network of mercenary recruiters.

“Most likely this is fake or someone is working for money. There are many efforts around the world to recruit personnel for the Ukrainian Army,” he said, regarding the Foreign Legion that has taken around 20,000 people from various countries to enlist in the Ukrainian forces. But, unlike Russia, that process is public and open.

“We don’t recruit anyone. But people can self-organize, work in chat rooms. All Ukrainian embassies in all countries recruit mercenaries into the Ukrainian Army. We don’t have that,” the deputy added.

According to him, citizens of “some countries” offer their assistance to Russia by joining military service, but the Russian Federation does not participate in such procedures abroad.

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