‘What have we done wrong?’: Cuban priest bemoans Cuba’s ruin, mass migration, and mercenary service for Russia

Father Léster Rafael Zayas

From our Bureau of Troublesome Priests with some assistance from our Bureau of Oblique Condemnations

Father Léster Rafael Zayas preached one hell of sermon at Mass yesterday during the celebration of the feast of our Lady of Charity, Cuba’s chief patron saint.

Addressing the Virgin Mary, he repeatedly asked “What have we done wrong?” His question referred to the total lack of hope and the repression that force so many Cubans to flee the island or to serve Russia as mercenaries in exchange for money and Russian citizenship.

His criticism of Castro, Inc. was oblique rather than direct. Instead of blaming the dictatorship directly for the ruin of Cuba — saying “what have THEY done?”– Father Zayas might have avoided swift retaliation from the Ministry of Fear, and at the same time shifted some measure of blame to all Cubans for allowing such a brutal regime to have taken control of Cuba for 64 years, eight months, and eight days.

Collective guilt, yes. And every Cuban knows he is right, to some extent. It is indeed shameful that so many Cubans embraced the so-called “Revolution”, idolizing a sociopathic mass murderer, and willingly serving him and his minions. And it is even more shameful that so many Cubans still willingly repress their fellow Cubans or sell themselves to Russia as cannon fodder.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The participation of Cuban mercenaries in Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, with the aim of obtaining Russian nationality, reached the homily given by priest Léster Rafael Zayas in the Sacred Heart of Jesus parish, after a pilgrimage of the Virgin of Charity del Cobre through the streets of Vedado in Havana.

The priest launched a series of questions to the Patroness of Cuba related to the immigration crisis that is emptying the country. The desperation to seek a future outside the Island reaches the point that dozens of Cubans were willing to fight in another’s war, as evidenced by various testimonies and news in recent days.

“What have we done wrong so that this year we celebrate María de la Caridad in Cuba with 250,000 fewer voices?” asked the parish priest in the mass broadcast on the parish’s Facebook page.

“What have we done wrong so that the planes that leave for Nicaragua all leave marked with the same characteristic: it is a one-way trip? The backpacks of those who travel say so,” he said.

“What have we done wrong so that our young people do not feel proudly Cuban? What have we done wrong so that everyone wants to get away from that which precisely makes up the deepest and purest identity?” asked Brother Léster Rafael Zayas.

Taking into account the Cubans who have emigrated at other times in history, the priest estimated at “almost two and three quarters million” those who “peregrinate in other latitudes.”

“What have we done wrong so that young Cubans prefer to go fight in Ukraine, to obtain Russian nationality?” He questioned.

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