As Cubans go hungry due to food shortages, Castro dictatorship announces gourmet food festival

Food shortages have left Cubans struggling to find enough food to feed their families. So what does the communist Castro dictatorship do? It organizes a gourmet food festival. This is socialism in action.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Regime announces ‘Varadero Gourmet’ in the midst of a food crisis

Amid the current food crisis, the Cuban regime announced the development of the “Varadero Gourmet” festival of “creole cuisine,” which will take place from September 20th to 23rd at the Plaza América Convention Center in that tourist hub.

From the government’s perspective, they say this event, where high-ranking figures of the Castro regime usually participate, such as the designated president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the “first lady,” Lis Cuesta, “represents an opportunity for local and international enterprises.”

At the Varadero Gourmet Festival, Cuban creole cuisine, which is part of the nation’s cultural heritage, will play a leading role, according to the state. This event will showcase the talent of Cuban and foreign representatives who provide products that sustain the regime’s hotel industry. However, they acknowledge the “current complexities.”

“It is offensive and a mockery of the people who find it increasingly difficult to put food on their table every day,” an elderly Cuban person commented on social media.

“The government organizes festivals, but they send us to the store for syrup instead of milk, they set prices in a currency that a worker cannot earn, and if I start giving examples, I won’t finish. The people are worn out, outraged by so many needs, and our ‘traveler’ enjoying trips to any country he fancies, only the leaders of this country live a life without shortages,” said another Cuban from the island.

In 2020, the attendance of Miguel Díaz-Canel and his wife Lis Cuesta at the culinary event organized by the luxurious Iberostar Grand Packard Hotel was highly controversial. The presence of the Prime Minister of the island, Manuel Marrero Cruz, was also reported.

On this topic, activist Magdiel Jorge Castro reminded in a Twitter post of an image of Cuesta at this event, surrounded by an excessive amount of food. “Traditional culture of resistance…” Castro repeated ironically.

Another way of mocking the designated president’s wife was by filling her thread with memes about food shortages in Cuba. “I would post all my recipes here, but I don’t have any food,” reads one, while another Cuban user shows her an image of their empty refrigerator and urges: “Well then, let’s cook.”

In 2021, the British publication specialized in economic issues, “The Economist,” stated that Cuba was facing “its worst food shortage” since the 1990s. On that occasion, the magazine pointed to the communist regime and the lack of foreign currency in the country as the main causes of the crisis.

Cuba imports around 70% of its food, and for years it has been “almost impossible” to acquire due to scarcity and prices unattainable for the majority of the people’s wallets.

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  1. What matters here is not the callous indifference, which is very old news, but how brazen and ill-timed it is. These people think they’re untouchable, and that “the people” are just so much livestock, if that. But no, there will be no outrage or indignation from the usual suspects, who never use that against their own side.

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