Cuban dictatorship offers propaganda stunt for children and teachers who have no way of getting to school

Bike giveaway in Matanzas, for purely decorative purposes

From our Weapons of Mass Distraction Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Noteworthy Potemkin Village Stunts in Totalitarian Latrine American Hellholes

Surprise! Schools throughout Cuba have been forced to close down over the past few weeks due to lack of transportation for teachers and students. Without buses, and without gasoline to run the few that are still functioning, many children and teachers are finding it impossible to get to school, especially in rural areas.

In response to this dire situation, Castro, Inc. staged a Potemkin-Village event — well publicized — in which 17 bicycles were given to sixth-grade schoolchildren in one locale in the province of Matanzas. Teachers in this same locale received 25 bicycles. What about children in other grades and other schools? What about teachers everywhere?

Don’t expect Cuban schoolchildren or teachers in other locations to receive bicycles. This event was purely for show. Castro, Inc. can’t afford to give away millions of bicycles. So, as things fall apart, piece by piece, Castro, Inc.’s much-praised “free” indoctrination system begins to sputter and die, along with its much-praised free healthcare.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The Cuban government delivered bicycles to students and teachers from rural communities in the Matanzas municipality of Unión de Reyes, amid the transportation deficit that has led schools in the province to close their doors due to low student attendance.

As reported to the local newspaper Girón by Ariel Luis Surí, provincial head of Primary Education, this week 17 “small” bicycles were delivered to children from third to sixth grade at the Abelardo Rodríguez and Reynaldo Montejo centers, residents in the “Plan Turquino” area. , difficult to access, in the municipality of Unión de Reyes.

For their part, 25 large cycles were given to teachers so that they can travel to schools in case they cannot access another means of transportation.

“The donation of bicycles to students and teachers who live in rural communities with areas that are difficult to access will facilitate their transportation to the student centers during the course that has just begun,” the media said.

Children in these rural areas travel long distances daily between their homes and educational institutions using different means of transportation. Many times the route must be done on foot when there are families who cannot afford to transport the little ones.

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