Spymaster Chris Simmons unmasks Cuba’s lies about its role in Ukraine while EU leftists applaud the liars

Cubans serving with Russia’s 137 airborne regiment pose with their comrades in the background

From our Bureau of Big Lies That Ain’t So Big After All with some assistance from our Bureau of Interviews One Is Never Likely To Hear On National Public Radio

An unlikely news outlet invited a REAL top expert on Cuba to analyze the disinformation flowing out of the Cuba-Russia-Ukraine triangle, which, as many people on earth don’t realize, swallows up truth at a faster and higher rate than the Bermuda Triangle swallows up aircraft, seagoing vessels, and alien spaceships.

What Chris Simmons had to say probably shocked the hell out of most NPR listeners, leaving them in a cataleptic state.

Yes, Mildred, Russia and Castro, Inc. are both lying, as usual. Yes, Mildred, they always lie. Surprise!

Oh, but don’t count on the leftists at the European Union to admit that they know this. Today, they praised Cuba for arresting the 17 human-trafficking miscreants who were accused of kidnapping young Cubans and forcing them to fight Ukrainians on behalf of Russia, without the knowledge of Cuban or Russian authorities.

“We welcome all the efforts made by Cuba to put an end to these practices,” a spokesperson for the office of Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, told Martí Noticias.

From National Public Radio

It sounds like a chapter out of a Cold War-era novel. Cuba says a covert and, as of yet, unnamed group has been recruiting citizens living on the island and in Russia to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine. The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is working to dismantle the ring and bring those responsible to justice. Thus far, Moscow, Cuba’s one-time communist ally, has been quiet. Here to help us understand what this all means is Chris Simmons, a former counterintelligence officer whose expertise is Cuban spy craft. Welcome, Chris, to the program.

CHRIS SIMMONS: Thank you for having me.

FADEL: So what’s your sense of why Cuba is making this accusation so publicly?

SIMMONS: I think the easy – short explanation is because they got caught, once again. This is just the latest in a long series of criminal enterprises run by the Cuban government. And any time they’ve gotten caught, historically, their first act is to deny it and then imprison some individuals as proof that they had no knowledge.

FADEL: So really covering their tracks, in your view?

SIMMONS: Correct. And this has been – this type of endeavor has been going on for about 60 years, starting with terrorist support and then them serving as the proxies for intelligence efforts on behalf of Russia and others, drug trafficking. So it’s just – it’s institutionalized criminal enterprise by the Havana government.

FADEL: Now, Cuba has made it very publicly clear, at least tried to say, that they have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, that they had nothing to do with these recruits of Cubans to go fight in the war. Is that about placating the U.S. and telling the U.S., we’re not involved?

SIMMONS: It goes back to the – their deniability. Cuba is a police state, and they proudly boast that. A million Cuban residents are part of what’s called the Committees and Defense of the Revolution, which is essentially a neighborhood snitch program. So the idea that someone could be running a mercenary ring without the government’s knowledge is ludicrous. It’s absolutely impossible for major criminal enterprises to exist without the Cuban government’s knowledge and involvement.

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  1. And of course, the EU collaborator is Spain’s Josep Borrell, a socialist who, immediately after the 11J protests on the island, blamed Trump and the US embargo for the unrest. In other words, ZERO credibility.

    • It’s not respectable to take a totalitarian dictatorship at its word. The fact that has been happening nonstop for decades does not make it respectable, but it does prove it is a form of perversity.

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