Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Fidel Castro’s grandson dines at gourmet restaurant as Cubans starve

While Cubans spend entire days in lines for a morsel of rationed food, Fidel Castro’s grandson, Sandro Castro, dines at a military-owned gourmet restaurant in Havana. This is socialism in action.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Sandro Castro and his girlfriend caught ‘red-handed’ at the El Laurel restaurant in Havana

Sandro Castro and his girlfriend Laura Daniela Álvarez were caught red-handed enjoying the weekend at El Laurel restaurant in Havana.

Cubanos Por El Mundo shared a video on social media Sunday, where for a few brief seconds you can see the couple visiting the expensive restaurant, located on Santa Fe beach.

El Laurel is a private business that, as the mentioned media outlet indicated, was expropriated by the regime from a Cuban who now resides in the United States. Later, the establishment became the property of a high-ranking military official.

The grandson of the late dictator Fidel Castro frequently visits this restaurant with his partner. On social media, both have mentioned the locale several times and have boasted about eating, drinking, and having a great time there.

Sandro Castro leads a life of luxury in Cuba, a country where the majority of the working population does not have access to food due to the extremely high prices caused by inflation and the scarcity of all products.

The young Castro is an entrepreneur, owner of a private business called EFE Bar Restaurant, where he unabashedly claims there is “an atmosphere to have a great time” in Havana, the capital that his family has controlled for decades.

Not long ago, Fidel’s grandson sparked outrage on social media when he showed the food his cat eats, as the animal eats better than thousands of children in Cuba.

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  1. He can eat at the most expensive restaurant anywhere, but he’s still a cheap, vulgar little punk, and looks it. He’s probably too spoiled and stupid to be more discreet, but the ruling class is very indolent.

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