Surprise! Cuban mercenary fighting for Russia is captured by Ukrainian troops

Cuban mercenaries in Ukraine

From our Bureau of Mercenaries from Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

In the midst of many denials, counter denials, and denials of counter denials concerning the presence of Cuban mercenaries at the Ukrainian front, a report has emerged about a Cuban captured by Ukrainian soldiers.

This is the first such report to surface. Meanwhile, as denials and counter-denials swirl and Castro, Inc. rounds up scapegoats accused of being “human traffickers”, a Cuban diplomat has admitted that Castro, Inc. is NOT opposed to the presence of Cuban mercenaries at the Ukrainian front.

So, admissions of guilt remain elusive and slippery as it becomes ever more difficult for Castro, Inc. and Czar Vlad the Invader’s Ministry of Truth to hide the obvious truth.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

An unidentified Cuban, a member of the contingent of mercenaries hired by the Russian Armed Forces for the invasion of Ukraine, was detained in the front area by Kiev fighters, who would have taken him to the area under their control.

According to the Telegram channel in Spanish “Ukrainian News 24 hours”, “an operation was carried out and a Cuban was captured within the territory of Ukraine. He was apparently in a forward pesto of the Russian Army.”

That report offered no other details. However, the so-called Bolívar Battalion, made up of citizens of Venezuela and other nationalities, especially from Latin America, who fight with the Ukrainian Army, shared on Twitter a video of the alleged Cuban mercenary, tied and blindfolded, while he was transported in a vehicle.

The rules of war in Ukraine prescribe that citizens of foreign countries captured on combat missions under the command of invading Russian troops are court-martialed and shot.

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