Castro dictatorship can’t get story straight on sending Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine

They tried silence, and then denials. When that didn’t work, the communist Castro dictatorship then admitted it. That, however, quickly backfired, so they are back to denials. After the Cuban ambassador in Moscow confessed the Castro regime has no issue with Cubans fighting for Russia in its invasion of Ukraine, Cuba’s Foreign Minister immediately came out and claimed the opposite.

Via Reuters:

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Thursday his country rejects the participation of its citizens as mercenaries in war, contradicting a statement by Cuba’s ambassador in Moscow hours earlier saying his government did not oppose the legal participation of its citizens in Russia´s war in Ukraine.

The apparently conflicting statements follow Cuban state-run and foreign media reports suggesting that young Cuban men have enlisted in the Kremlin´s military in recent months as mercenaries and victims in alleged human trafficking schemes.

How big of a mess has the Castro dictatorship gotten itself into? Big enough, it seems, that not even Reuters can spin this one in their favor.

It’s clear the Cuban regime can’t decide which lie they’re going to stick with, even after coming up with an elaborate scheme to frame this sordid affair as a clandestine human trafficking case going on under their noses. But while the Castro dictatorship can’t make up its mind which lie they’re going to go with, we all know they are sending Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine.

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