Cuban dictatorship offers health tourism to foreigners while Cubans go without healthcare or medicine

As Cuba’s healthcare system collapses and medicine shortages worsen, the communist Castro dictatorship is offering health tourism vacations to foreigners. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet:

Cuban Government Promotes Cuba as a Health Tourism Destination

Without the availability of medicines and hospitals falling apart, the regime is encouraging tourists to travel to Cuba for health treatments.

In the upcoming Feria Exposur 2023, to be held in Cienfuegos between September 14 and 17, the Cuban regime will present its health and wellness tourism options in the heart of Cuba.

Opportunities for foreign investment in this sector will also be presented at this event. Also, the Marketing Office of Cuban Medical Services, S.A. (CSMC, by its Spanish acronym), the enterprise responsible for arranging for medical contracts abroad, will highlight the various opportunities available through them.

According to Prensa Latina, Dr. Yamila de Armas Águila will address the new services available at Centro de Bienestar (Wellness Center) in Yaguanabo and Centro de Salud (Health Center) in Montaña Crucesitas. CSMC will promote there all health tourism services in the region, emphasizing medical attention to tourists and the options available at Centros de Bienestar y Calidad de Vida (Wellness and Quality of Life Centers).

In spite of the promotional efforts and the many opportunities that will be featured during Feria Exposur 2023 in Cienfuegos, the reality of Cuba differs notably from the image that the regime is trying to project as a health tourism destination.

Every day it becomes more noticeable that there is a shortage of medicines in Cuba and the manner in which that affects the daily life of the Cuban people, and the difficulties of accessing necessary medical treatments on which lives depend.

In addition, Cuban hospitals are significantly deteriorated. A lack of resources, infrequent maintenance and the perilous condition of health facilities are a common problem in the entire country. Medical centers do not have the adequate medical equipment nor the necessary conditions to deliver quality medical care.

Throughout the years, what has become evident is the deterioration of the quality of medical attention in a country that presented itself as a medical powerhouse. Lack of recourses and also of qualified medical personnel has led to a reduction in the quality and availability of health services in the country.

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