Soldiers from Cuba, Russia, China, Venezuela, and Nicaragua participate in Independence Day parade in Mexico

From our Bureau of Latrine American Parades From Hell

You have to admit, Mexico’s president loves to flaunt his love of dictatorships. Ironically, he displayed that love flagrantly last Saturday by including four murderous dictatorships in his country’s Independence Day celebrations.

You also have to admit, this stunt was an extreme display of Latrine America’s Latrinity at its very worst. Absolutely revolting stunt, as nauseating as the smell of the worst imaginable latrine.

See for yourself in slide show above and in this official Mexican government VIDEO

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

At least 14 Cuban soldiers and 14 Russian cadets participated in the traditional parade that takes place in Mexico every September 16 to celebrate that country’s Independence Day, according to images published by the blog Contando Estrelas.

The parade was largely reminiscent of the military parades that have traditionally been seen in Moscow’s Red Square, due to the presence of around twenty foreign military delegations. Based on the false neutrality that Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has maintained in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and his refusal to offer military aid to the Ukrainian people, the Mexican Government has been strongly criticized for the military parade carried out on Saturday.

“He has already made it clear that his friends are the dictators, not the democrats,” said Xóchitl Gálvez, presidential candidate of the opposition coalition Frente Amplio por México, who criticized the presence of “militaries of authoritarian governments.” Gálvez declared: “I dream that in the 2025 independence parade there will be a contingent from Ukraine and not one from Russia or Nicaragua. Foreign contingents must be worthy company for our armed forces.” Among the other 19 countries invited to participate in the parade, AMLO included dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

It is paradoxical that AMLO invited countries like Russia and China to the military parade of Mexico’s independence, whose governments are threatening the sovereignty and independence of neighboring countries: Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively.

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  1. Gotta hand it to AMLO: he’s not shy about publicly displaying what an obnoxious asshole he is. Actually, he seems to thrive on it. Apparently, when someone’s a big enough asshole, the person LIKES flaunting it. I almost feel sorry for Mexicans, because they totally own the SOB. I want NOTHING to do with Latrines.

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