Biden administration ready to roll out stealth version of Obamapalooza 2.0, offer direct aid to Cuban dictatorship

King Raul to Trucutú: “How lucky we are to have such a colossal comemierda in charge of the U.S.”

From our Bureau of Inevitable Outcomes with some assistance from our Bureau of Grossly Wrong Assumptions Accepted as Facts by Grossly Senile Heads of State

Assuming that Castro, Inc. actually allows Cubans to own and run businesses wholly independent from its total monopoly, Jar-Jar Biden and his bevy of Marxist elves at the White House, State Department, and Treasury are ready to grant loans to so-called “self-employed” Cuban entrepreneurs.

Lord have mercy. This is tantamount to granting credit to Castro, Inc., which is also tantamount to “lifting the blockade/embargo” and ensuring that American taxpayers end up funding Cuba’s deadbeat terrorist-sponsoring dictatorship.

Is this move worse than the original 2016 Obamapalooza? Could be. Seems like it. This move will most definitely throw a lifeline to Castro, Inc., which tightly controls all so-called “self-employed” entrepreneurs.

This was inevitable. As inevitable as the thousands of illegal aliens pouring into the U.S. day after day. The only question left to ask is whether Jar-Jar Biden still has enough of a functioning brain to direct all of this, or he is way past the point when he can be aware of the mayhem his Marxist handlers are causing.

Call it Obamapalooza.2 or Stealth Obamapalooza. No fanfare this time, as in 2016. No talk of a “thaw.” No flights to Havana on Air Force One. No baseball games for Jar-Jar and King Raul. Not yet, anyway. But, get ready. This is only act one

What’s next? Hang on to your dentures, Mildred. Get ready for a revival of Castro, Inc.’s moribund apartheid tourist industry, perhaps even to the development of apartheid casinos and gender-fluid brothels.

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

The Biden administration is preparing to unveil new regulatory measures to allow more U.S. financial support for small private businesses in Cuba, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday.

The move, expected as soon as this week, is seen as a long-promised but limited step to ease restrictions to help Cuba’s budding entrepreneurs cope with fallout from the Communist-ruled island’s crippled economy.

The announcement is aimed at making it easier for Americans to directly assist Cuban small business owners by providing guidelines for loans to them through the U.S. financial system, the source said.

The new measures could be rolled out while Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel is visiting New York for the United Nations General Assembly beginning on Tuesday.

There is no sign, however, that this move could be part of a more dramatic easing of U.S. sanctions and other restrictions on Cuba, beyond the modest steps that Biden has already taken since coming to office January 2021.

“We believe the private sector is Cuba’s best hope for generating economic development and employment to improve the standards of living for the Cuban people and reduce the current high-levels of migration,” a State Department official said.

The official insisted that any U.S. steps to aid the Cuban people would be carried out “restricting to the furthest extent possible any benefit to the Cuban military.”

The Cuban embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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  1. If Biden were perfectly lucid it would be the same. The fact is nobody cares except “those people,” who are deliberately excluded and ignored. Cubanoids, of course, can always be found for “validation.”

  2. The best we can expect is that an administration will not make things worse–and I’m talking about a Republican administration, because Dems will always make things worse. Even Bush II, who owed the White House to the Cuban vote, did nothing substantial (though as it turns out, he wasn’t a substantial person).

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