Surprise! Africans flock to Cuban beach resort for communist indoctrination, terrorist training

African trainees at Varadero resort

From our Bureau of Tropical Brainwashing at the Beach with some assistance from our Bureau of State-Sponsored Terrorist Training

Castro, Inc. has always been immensely interested in destabilizing nations in Latin America and Africa. One way it achieves its goal is by bringing youngsters from those regions to Cuba and putting them through intense brainwashing programs.

Naturally, Castro, Inc. hardly ever pays for these programs. It’s the other countries who provide the funding, either willingly or blindly. Back in the good old days of the Soviet Union, money from Moscow got these programs off the ground. Nowadays, as is the case with Castro, Inc.’s medical education programs, it is Third World countries that foot the bill.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Controversial Cuban presenter, Alex Otaola, showed in his show Hola! Ota-Ola, that hundreds of Africans have invaded the hotels in Varadero because they are taking communist indoctrination courses on the island.

The influencer assured that this situation is an answer for those who ask “where does the destabilization of the African continent come from.”

Through the images shown in the program, Africans are seen in hotels, eating or bathing in the pool, during their stay on the island, while they are indoctrinated by the dictatorship with the failed communist ideology.

“You remember the Africans with red shirts, with red berets, who were in South Africa forming the rebellion and who talked about Fidel Castro, well about these same people dressed in red, from another part of Africa, but from the same continent and with the same inclination to the left, they are in Varadero in the hotels, look with their red shirt,” said the Cuban presenter.

In that sense, Otaola considered that any vestige of destabilization that occurs on the African continent may have been planned from Havana.

“Each and every one, they take them there, they cajole them there, they train them there and then they send them to their continent to misalign their countries, which have already been misaligned for a long time,” noted the Cuban influencer.