Developing News: Hypocritical Cuban dictatorship event in New York church shrouded in secrecy

Site of Father Varela event to be attended by Cuban dictatorship dignitaries

From our Bureau of Heavily Camouflaged Events Ostensibly Organized by Latrine American Socialist Totalitarian Hellholes

It looks as if the party is still on, but the smokescreen around it is so thick that it is difficult to confirm it with certainty.

Thus far, here is the information that CAN BE confirmed:

Castro, Inc. contacted the Archdiocese of New York to request this event. The Archdiocese then contacted the National Catholic Register to announce this event and to invite a journalist from that publication.

[What good is a publicity stunt if there is no one there to take photos and tell others about it?]

According to the latest information received by Tres Fotutos, the event will take place Saturday 23 September between 5 and 6 pm, at the Church of the Transfiguration, 25 Mott Street, in Chinatown, Manhattan, New York City.

The initial contact from the Archdiocese of New York suggested that very high level dignitaries from Cuba would be attending, including the Chief Sock Puppet, Diaz-Canel.

According to some published reports, he is still in New York.

Knowing how Castro, Inc. operates, there is a chance that if they learn that their event is no longer a secret, they could pull out.

2 thoughts on “Developing News: Hypocritical Cuban dictatorship event in New York church shrouded in secrecy”

  1. The New York people should never have agreed without first checking with the Vatican and the chief Catholic prelate in the Miami area, but I suppose that was moot, since neither would have objected. Again, papal precedents for dealing with Castro, Inc. are very clear and well established, and one of the clearest precepts is that it does NOT matter if “those people” are offended or scandalized–it’s not an issue.

    However, if the relevant New York Catholics know about Varela, and they should because of his work there, they must realize he would have considered Castro, Inc. an absolute abomination and would have condemned it unequivocally. Yet, they’re apparently playing footsie with it. Do the math.

    As for news coverage, but of course. I mean, they had it for Castro II’s very warm reception at the Vatican and for Bergoglio’s encounter with the adorable Nosferatu in Cuba, so why not this?

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