Cuba can always count on ‘Latin’ solidarity (such as it is)

Cuba’s faux president and designated dictator was not the only speaker at the UN this week. The democratically elected real president of Chile, the socialist Gabriel Boric, also spoke, and used part of his podium time to talk about other “Latin” countries. He advocated for the end of sanctions against the Maduro regime in Venezuela and criticized the Ortega regime in Nicaragua (which is such a graphically putrid freak show that leftists can comfortably trash it, and even look balanced doing it). Of course, he also talked about Cuba (also known as la vaca sagrada).

Needless to say, he called for the end of the American embargo, I mean blockade, and the removal of Cuba from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. He also urged the US to seek better relations with Cuba in the Obama fashion. Boric surely knows Cuba is under a hardcore totalitarian dictatorship as it has been for over 60 years, but he did not call for an end to that terrible and inhumane situation and did not denounce Castro, Inc. Evidently, nothing dims the eternal (albeit radioactive) radiance of the Cuban “revolution” in leftist eyes. Salvador Allende would have approved.

This sort of thing is very old, familiar and routine, so “normal” that everyone expects it, but Boric is not an old coot like Uruguay’s Mujica or an aging Fidel protégé like Brazil’s Lula and Mexico’s AMLO. He’s in his mid thirties, so one might expect a much more updated, clear-eyed view of things, much less encumbered by “Latin” fantasies and fetishes. Alas, even the young carry the old taint, whose perversity persists. Again, such solidarity is standard fare, meaning “Latins” will be Latrines, but it remains remarkable how so many non-Cubans blithely presume to know what’s right for Cuba better than Cubans themselves. Maybe they’re not aware how presumptuous that is, but I expect they just don’t care.

As I keep saying, how can a Cuban of dignity possibly see such people as anything but repellent aliens noxious to Cuba? How can a self-respecting Cuban accept belonging to such a species, the so-called Latins? No, let us be Cubans, period. We don’t need “brothers” like Cain. Lord knows we have enough rotten apples of our own already.

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