Danny Glover leads a joyous welcome for Cuban dictatorship’s sock puppet president in New York

Danny Glover was among a group of American leftists happily welcoming the communist Castro dictatorship’s “president,” Miguel Diaz-Canel, to New York City on Thursday. The event featured a cadre of activists and so-called religious leaders who are all sympathetic to the murderous Cuban regime, which has ruled with an iron fist since taking power over six decades ago.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Danny Glover, Other Sympathizers Give Cuba’s Puppet President a Warm NYC Welcome

Cuban “president” Miguel Díaz-Canel, a figurehead who stands in place for 92-year-old dictator Raúl Castro on foreign engagements, spent Thursday in celebratory engagements with sympathetic American activists, self-proclaimed religious leaders, and radical leftist actor Danny Glover in New York.

Díaz-Canel is in the United States on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly, which he addressed on Tuesday. He spent most of the speech condemning the country that is lodging him for the affair and announced that Cuba would seek re-election to the Human Rights Council. Like Cuba, 70 percent of the current makeup of the Council is authoritarian regimes that routinely violate the rights of their citizens.

Díaz-Canel boasted of the celebrations in his honor in New York through his social media accounts, while the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba, Granma, and state organs such as the website “CubaDebate” declared that a “growing harmony” was developing between the communist regime and the American consciousness.

“Our peoples will continue communicating; our peoples will keep sharing the best of their traditions, their essences, their roots, their histories, and their cultures,” Díaz-Canel reportedly proclaimed, “and thus our peoples will become happier.”

The figurehead hosted “artists, intellectuals, philanthropists, businesspeople, and attorneys,” at Cuba’s permanent mission at the United Nations. Cuba’s regime maintains a robust presence in America despite being officially designated a state sponsor of terrorism — as a result of its ties to groups such as Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) — and its status as a significant espionage and national security threat to America.

Díaz-Canel – whose regime regularly imprisons both children and adults for their suspected beliefs and tortures all its political prisoners — also warned the communist sympathizers of the alleged threat they face in the United States for convening at the permanent mission.

“Take care of yourselves very much because we know that doing this here, in the United States, is a gesture of courage,” Díaz-Canel advised.

The meeting, CubaDebate claimed, “took place in the form of a large family getting together on the basis of affection and gifting each other truths and dreams.”

Among those identified as attending the events were Mark J. Spalding, the head of the Ocean Foundation; Valerie Miller, representing the Cuba Oceans Program; Vashti Murphy McKenzie, the head of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States, and unnamed alleged scientists and “creators.”

“And in that moment,” CubaDebate dramatically narrated, “in which all united around the human fire, arrived American actor Danny Glover, and impassioned friend of Cuba.”

Díaz-Canel used his Twitter account to personally thank Glover for his appearance.

“The beloved Danny Glover, to whom we owe so much for his unconditional solidarity, couldn’t miss it,” the Castro regime representative celebrated.

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  1. I suppose when you’re a washed-up entertainer, being a leftist “activist” is a way to stay in the public eye and “relevant.” Glover has the Belafonte precedent, for instance. Of course, he may just be a fucked-up SOB.

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