Cuban political prisoner exposes the constant harassment of dissidents in Castro prisons

Cuban political prisoner Jorge Bello Dominguez

The harassment, persecution, and beatings dissidents suffer in communist Cuba doesn’t end with their arrest and imprisonment. It continues in the gulags as well. This is socialism in action.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Political prisoner denounces the constant harassment in Cuban prisons

The repression by the Cuban regime against dissidents doesn’t end behind bars. In a letter to Martí Noticias, Jorge Bello Domínguez, an independent journalist sentenced to 15 years in prison, denounced the harassment suffered by political prisoners in the Combinado del Este prison in Havana.

Bello detailed the precarious situation, with overcrowded cells, lack of medical attention, and extreme surveillance of communications. He accused the regime of provoking conflicts with common inmates and preventing visits to punish political prisoners.

The journalist thanked the solidarity of Cubans in exile who protested in New York against the presence of Díaz-Canel at the UN. “We welcomed the rejection of the puppet who calls himself president,” he wrote.

Martha Domínguez, Bello’s mother, confirmed the harassment during a visit to the prison. She denounced the denial of medicines, poor nutrition, and beatings. “They don’t care about anything, if Jorge doesn’t remind them about the insulin, he goes without it,” she said.

The situation exposed by Domínguez shows the additional hardships faced by political prisoners in Cuba, calling it an extra punishment for opposing the regime. Harassment, medical negligence, and isolation aim to break those who cry out for freedom behind bars.

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