Cuba’s fake president meets with Cuban-American businessmen in New York to drum up investments for island’s state monopoly

cozy little meeting between Trucutú and potential investors

From our Bureau of Cuban Businessmen Without Consciences with some assistance from our Bureau of Perilous Business Ventures

In addition to desecrating the shrine of a soon-to-be-beatified Cuban priest while he was in New York, Trucutú Díaz-Canel also chatted with Cuban-American businessmen and tried to convince them to make deals with Castro, Inc.’s omnipotent monopoly.

Invest in Castro, Inc., yes! You can become filthy rich, like Hugo Cancio. Never mind the blood spatters on your dollar bills. Never mind the risk of having all of your merchandise confiscated. Never mind the oppression you will be funding.

Come on down, comemierdas, we’ll pretend to be your partners until the time comes to sever ties and run off with the loot you hoped would be yours.

Absolutely disgusting. Any Cuban who participated in this meeting is a traitor to his own people.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Cuba is exploring the possibility of Cuban-Americans investing and owning businesses in Cuba, according to several Castro officials during the meeting of several businessmen with Miguel Díaz-Canel in New York.

According to the revelations made by El Nuevo Herald, the strategy has to be preceded by a change in Cuban legislation to offer a certain legality, although it is known that totalitarian regimes appeal to the expropriation of private property at any time alleging a alleged “national interest”

On the subject, the Cuban president himself said on his official Twitter account that “we begin today’s day within the framework of the 78th period of sessions of the UN General Assembly, with a meeting with American businessmen, whom we update on new business opportunities.” business in Cuba and transformations in our economy.”

Ralph Patiño, a Miami lawyer present at the meeting, reflected the situation with the phrase: “This is the dog that bites its own tail,” alluding to the mutual expectation of an initial gesture between Cuba and the United States. Patiño, who in the past supported the thaw efforts initiated by Barack Obama’s administration, suggested that if Havana had taken better advantage of those opportunities, strengthening ties and providing greater openings, “Cuba would have been a different country in 2023.”

Among the businessmen present invited by Díaz-Canel were figures such as Mike Fernández, Ariel Pereda, Carlos Saladrigas and Hugo Cancio, the latter with an extensive business network on the Island, including the export of automobiles from the US under a license from the Office. of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Press reports indicate that businessmen asked for more business opportunities in Cuba to take advantage of the captive market of nearly 11 million Cubans who do not have access to consumer goods due to lack of production on the Island.

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  1. I will always remember last hours in Cuba inside la “pescera” looking at my parents thru the glass and not knowing if I would ever see them again (My Father was from Poland and he had left Poland and never saw his Family again) I came via Pedro Pan and did not see my Parents for 4 years luckily we were reunited.. I am sad to see that 2 Cuban American in the list of businessmen meeting with Communist Cuba president are also a product of Pedro Pan Exodus… When I saw their names in the article I got teas in my eyes because it brought back those moments in la pescera back.. Also lets not forget all those Cubans Political Prisoners. Before doing business with Cuba request the release of the political prisoners…

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