Cubans fighting for Russia in Ukraine used as cannon fodder, regret signing ‘pact with the devil’

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Leftist news service Politico has published a long article on Cuban soldiers in Ukraine. The article reveals how Russia is recruiting and using these young Cubans. Despite all disclaimers from Havana and Moscow, the funneling of Cuban soldiers to the war front is a well-organized operation backed by Castro, Inc. and Grand Putinia.

No surprise here, but at least the truth is being revealed.

Abridged from Politico:

The news of Cuban fighters in Ukraine splashed across global headlines earlier this month when Havana announced it had arrested 17 people for involvement in a human trafficking ring recruiting young men to fight for Russia.

The news raised questions about the extent of cooperation between the two Cold War allies, and whether cracks were beginning to show in Havana’s support for Russia’s invasion.

Conversations with Cubans in Cuba and Russia reveal a different side of the story: of desperate young men who see enlistment in the Russian army as their best shot at a better life — even if not all of them seem to know what they were getting themselves into.

One recruit in his late 40s in the Russian city of Tula, whom we will call Pedro, said he was promised a job as a driver “for workers and construction material” but on arrival in Russia was being prepared for combat, weapon in hand.

“We signed a contract with the devil,” he said, recalling the moment he enlisted. “And the devil does not hand out sweets.”

With heavy losses in Ukraine, Russia “needs the cannon fodder,” said Pavel Luzin, a senior fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). He added most foreign recruits come from Central Asian and African countries, Syria and Afghanistan.

“Without speaking the language, knowing the local terrain, or the right training for modern warfare, they’ll be swiftly killed and that’s it,” he said.

Whole story HERE with many photos

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  1. You chose not to fight, kill and die on July 11th, so now you must fight, kill and die.

    We must all die sooner or later. What makes life worth living is choosing for what you give your life.

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