Shocking photos released of ‘firebombs’ allegedly tossed at Cuban embassy in Washington

From our Bureau of Lame Incendiary Devices with some assistance from our Bureau of Lame Socialist Security Cameras

Wow! I’m shocked, shocked, Mildred, at the destructive power of the Molotov cocktails launched against Castro, Inc.’s embassy in Washington. No hint of fire, no hint of smoke. Ah, but plenty of drama, for sure, and plenty of whining and carping on the part of Brunito “El Maldito” Rodriguez.

The fireless “firebombs” were ostensibly tossed in broad daylight, around noon, within view of several security cameras. Yet, no film has been released that could help identify the person or persons responsible for this “terrorist” attack..

What the photos do reveal is that Castro, Inc’s embassy is in a state of disrepair, like nearly every building in Cuba, except its luxury apartheid hotels.

The metal grilles over the windows are rusting and the drainpipes from the roof gutters are in awful shape. Take a look at the slide show above, and see for yourself.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano:

The first photos of the “alleged” devices thrown by an individual against the Cuban embassy in Washington have been published.

The Island’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, published three snapshots that show several United States Secret Service Police officers outside the diplomatic headquarters, investigating and compiling evidence of the case in which it is presumed that an individual With the intention of setting fire to the building, he threw two Molotov cocktails on the night of September 24.

According to photographic evidence, one of the devices hit a window and remained on the edge of it without causing any fire. The second of the devices was found on the ground, near one of the water channels that drain rain from the roof.

In neither case were traces of fire or increased temperature found, nor were any victims or injuries reported from the incident. To date, the existence of witnesses or specific information regarding the perpetrator of the incident has not been made known.

Periódico Cubano was able to verify through several videos and photos that the building is heavily guarded on the front by three security cameras, the recordings of which have not been published, despite being located at a perfect and strategic angle with respect to the building. event.

The incident took place shortly after noon, just after the arrival of President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Havana.

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