1.6 million tourists visited Cuba in past 8 months, but numbers remain lower than expected

O, the joys of posing with a mammy

From our Bureau of Moribund Apartheid Tourism with some assistance from our Bureau of Lonely Starving Mammies

Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourism industry has rebounded somewhat since January of this year, but the increased number of foreign dream-holiday seekers is still a disappointment to Cuba’s military junta. Once again, Canadians topped the list, with over half a million tourists. Interestingly, the number of visitors from the United States and Russia were nearly identical, at around 110,000 for each nation.

An additional 498,389 visitors who didn’t count as “tourists” visited the island during this same time period. This figure includes an unspecified number of Cubans living abroad, also known as Yo-Yos.

Those Yo-Yos might be the only silver lining in Castro, Inc.’s tourism cloud. Unlike tourists, who tend to only bring beachwear, Yo-Yos tend to come home loaded with gifts, dollars, and euros to spend on their relatives.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

Cuba received a total of 1,666,592 international tourists until the end of August, according to official figures.

This is an increase of 171.6%, that is, 695,164 more international visitors than in the same period of the previous year, states the report from the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

Likewise, a total of 2,164,981 travelers traveled to the island, including Cubans residing abroad, which represents a 155% increase compared to travelers who arrived on the island in the same period of 2022.

Canada (675,996), the United States (111,100), Russia (106,529) and Spain (62,415) are the countries that contribute the largest number of travelers, while 241,115 Cubans residing abroad visited the island.

January was the month in which the most international tourists arrived (249,255) and June (154,590) the least.

Based on these data, the prominent economist Pedro Monreal indicated that “in 2023, the non-compliance with tourist plans that had already occurred in 2022 will be reiterated, which makes the investment frenzy associated with tourism very questionable, which diverts resources that were urgently needed in other activities.”

At the end of July, puppet ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel already admitted that Cuba will not achieve the 3.5 million international tourists that it aspired to receive this year, a hard blow to the attempts to alleviate the economic crisis, but at the same time, a reality that does not surprises no one.

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  1. The best excuse I can come up with for Canadians is that they’re gente escasa, as my mother would say, meaning feeble-minded, not to say stupid (hence Justin Trudeau as their leader), which may be too kind.

  2. If the government had a problem with the mammies, they would not be allowed, but apparently the late Eusebio Leal, who turned part of Old Havana into a Potemkin area for tourists, thought the mammies added a certain local color that would tickle the tourists’ fancy. The fact this involves grotesque stereotyping and falsification in which black Cubans did not engage in the pre-Castro era was simply not considered an issue.

    • Asombra,

      The regime exploits black Cubans to the hilt. I’m sure that white women, also, apply for that degrading job but are probably turned away by the late Eusebio Leal Spengler’s Casa del Historiador de la Habana. You see, tourists are interested in black Cuban women and men. A European and probably Canadian as well go to Cuba to find that wild black mammy or that well-endowed black macho that will take them there repeatedly and give them that singular experience that they can’t find back home, because Cubans are all hot and insatiable. That’s the stereotypes that are looking for and if these black mammies help lure them in so be it.

      P.S. I’ve met people who have gone to Cuba and have told me that they were surprised to see white people in Cuba. They thought because all Cubans were all black! No doubt thanks to this propaganda.

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