Delegation of 70 Cuban ‘entrepreneurs’ gather in Miami, expect new ‘thaw’ and loans from U.S. banks

Fake Cuban “entrepreneurs” gather in Miami

From our Bureau of Obamapalooza 2.0 with some assistance from our Bureau of Thinly Disguised Aid to Communist Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes

Told you so, Mildred. Jar-Jar Biden and his Marxist elves are committed to undoing the so-called “blockade” by providing loans to Castro, Inc. through fake “entrepreneurs” Seventy such fakers showed up in Miami this past weekend to hold talks with U.S. officials and Castronoid Cuban-American businessmen.

So, get ready for Bidenpalooza, which is going to allow millions of dollars –perhaps billions — to flow directly into the pockets of Castro, Inc. through Cuban enterprises thinly camouflaged as “private” businesses.

And God only knows what else will be part of this aid package that is being created for Cuba’s military junta.

From Akerman

A delegation of more than 70 independent Cuban entrepreneurs and small business owners traveled to Miami this week for meetings with local business leaders and representatives of the federal government in a first-of-its kind initiative aimed at fostering closer ties between South Florida’s business community and Cuba’s rapidly growing private sector. The meetings on September 25 and 26 preceded widely anticipated moves by the Biden Administration to expand Cuban entrepreneurs’ access to the U.S. banking system, eCommerce platforms and other Internet-based services through a series of regulatory measures expected to be announced in the coming days.

In addition to briefings by federal representatives from the U.S. Departments of State, Commerce, and the Treasury, the visiting entrepreneurs heard from notable South Florida business leaders such as Miguel “Mike” B. Fernandez of MBF Healthcare Partners, Florida Bar Association President-Elect Roland Sanchez Medina, businessman Carlos Saladrigas and former U.S. Congressman Joe Garcia, who helped coordinate the group’s visit.

Organized by private Cuban travel and business services company Evexcon SRL, the delegation was structured to help Cuban entrepreneurs establish new connections in South Florida and learn about U.S. federal regulations designed to promote private enterprise in Cuba.

“This is the most diverse group of Cuban entrepreneurs to ever visit the United States, in terms of industry sectors, and also because participants came from many provincial cities — not just Havana,” said Oniel Diaz, co-founder of Havana-based business consultancy AUGE SRL. “The energy in the room and the dynamic exchange of ideas has been so uplifting for many of us,” he added.

The delegation’s visit took place amid a series of recent media reports predicting that the Biden Administration will soon take steps to expand the scope of authorized activities in this area.

“Cuban entrepreneurs are eager to access a range of U.S. origin goods and services,” said visiting entrepreneur Alain Peña Gomez, whose Havana-based software services company, Pyxel Solutions SRL, has struggled to access U.S. payments platforms and cloud-based services. “We appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from some of the U.S. officials who are working to update federal regulations to support private enterprise in Cuba.”

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  1. What a joke! As if private citizens in Cuba have agency and can come to the US and discuss international relations! What a joke, as if there are true independent business owners exist in Cuba. What a joke, for the US to constantly entertain these people-to-people meetings when the people they are meeting come from a totalitarian regime where power comes from the very top and they are just pawns.

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