A day in the life of a Socialist Totalitarian Hellhole

Cuban retiree searches for food in garbage bins

From our Bureau of Dystopian Lives

All of these news reports appeared on the internet today. There is nothing special or peculiar about this day in particular. This is a day like every other day in Cuba.

Meditation of the day: Imagine living in this hellhole.

1. A building collapse in Havana has killed one person. The authorities couldn’t tell if the victim was one of its residents or an unfortunate passerby.

2. The Minister of Energy and Mines announced that constant and prolonged power blackouts will intensify in the coming months due to a lack of fuel and reliable power plants, and, as if this were not dismaying enough, he also admitted that public transportation would also reduce its services.

3. The Ministry of the Economy and Planning admitted that Castro, Inc. doesn’t have enough money or credit to buy food and goods for the Cuban people. Translation: get ready for greater deprivations and hunger.

4. A mother and her son were murdered in Guantanamo by the woman’s partner. Her death brings the total of “femicides” during the past nine months to 60.

5. The Russian embassy in Havana announced that Czar Vlad the Invader’s government doesn’t know how many Cubans have been sent to fight alongside Russians in Ukraine.

6. The Mexican government announced that it would no longer be able to send free petroleum to Cuba.

7. Cuban banks and ATM’s are so short on cash that retired Cubans are waiting in line for 3 or 4 days to cash their pension checks.

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  1. Doesn’t matter. They still get “free” health care (what there is of it), and that’s good enough. Besides, black Cubans should be massively grateful to Massah Castro for making human beings out of them.

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