1 thought on “We spoke with Rick Moran, blogger and political commentator, about the GOP debate and current events”

  1. This discussion reminds me of the way the mainstream media discusses Israel. Arabs use terrorism to kill Israelis,, or kidnap or destroy. In retaliation Israel bombs buildings with arms in them and warns locals to go away because they are going to bomb. Arabs use their people as human shields because they want to show dead Arabs, because look what Israel just did. And then the press discusses the deplorable cycle of violence as if there is an equation between attacks and retaliation for the attacks.
    It is not Republicans who call all Democrats names in the way that Biden described all MAGA supporters as white supremacists who must be stopped. It is not Republicans who call Dems stupid or racist or homophobic. And then after the Left does all this name calling of their political opponents, they say we have to learn to bring civility back to our conversations.
    Here you talk about elections. But you equate cheating as if it takes place equally on both sides. Sorry. That is just baloney. The fraud occurs in Philadelphia and most big cities among Democrats. In Arizona it was Democrats who delayed the count and probably stole the election for governor.
    In Florida in 2022 they had all of the votes counted honestly before midnight that night.

    Do not talk about this cycle of fraud on both sides. It is offensive. The Left is exclusively where the steals of elections take place.

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