Who remembers learning English with Mr. Douglas, his 3 sons, and Uncle Charlie?

Who remembers watching the TV series about a dad raising 3 sons with the help of Uncle Charlie? I used to love this show not realizing that I would have 3 sons someday. The original series was about widower Steve Douglas raising  three sons with the help of the one and only Uncle Charlie.   

The show ran until 1972. The family expanded when Douglas remarried and new characters came into the story.

By the way, McMurray died in 1991.  He had a long film career  before this show. Don Grady, who played Robbie, died in 2012. William Demarest, who played Uncle Charlie and served in World War I, died in 1983. The other two sons are still living.

It was a popular show in our home back when we were new in this wonderful country.

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