Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Cuban dictatorship elite show off extravagant lifestyles on social media

While nearly 90% of Cubans live in extreme poverty, the island’s Communist Party elite continue to enjoy lives of extravagance and excess. For this privileged class, there are no food or fuel shortages in Cuba, just champagne wishes and caviar dreams. This is socialism in action.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

The excesses of the Manuel Marrero family in the midsts of the Cuban people’s misery

As the Cuban people continue facing economic difficulties and a growing scarcity of basic resources, the excesses and luxuries of Manuel Marrero’s family, especially his sister Tamara, generate revulsion and indignation.

Tamara Marrero, who recently celebrated her 52nd birthday, does not hold back in openly displaying her opulent lifestyle on social media, which exacerbates inequality in Cuba.

In a country where the majority of the population struggles to meet their basic needs, images of Tamara enjoying extravagant birthday celebrations and luxurious cakes once again demonstrate the falsehood of the system in which the population of the Island is living.

One of the most notorious events that has drawn criticism, and which reached the editorial office of Periódico Cubano, is the organization of the wedding for the owner of one of the largest restaurants in the city of Holguín, in which Tamara Marrero played a significant role.

Sources from our publication ensure that for this occasion, the entire Sierra Maestra Hotel was reserved, a place that most Cubans could only dream of visiting. This extravagant celebration starkly contrasts with the reality of the country’s inhabitants, who struggle day by day to make ends meet.

The wedding of Carlos González, a Cuban who resides between the United States and Cuba, included exotic flowers and exquisite delicacies. Information provided to our editorial office alleges that González is the visible owner of the restaurant The Passion, but in the City of Parks, it is claimed that the business actually belongs to Manuel Marrero.

This is not the first time Tamara Marrero has been exposed in independent media for the excesses and life of luxury she indulges in and shamelessly flaunts to the world.

It is known she has her own spa within the Río de Oro hotel in the mentioned eastern province, with very high prices. Likewise, at the end of last year, when the majority of the people didn’t know what to put on their table for Christmas, Tamara excelled in an event with roast pork, food, and beverages.

The lack of empathy and indifference towards the Cuban people is evident in every person benefiting from the system, who defends the totalitarian regime.

Some of the many parties, celebrations, and joy Tamara Marrero posts on social media.

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  1. Maybe she’s competing with that Lourdes woman who’s living la dolce vita in Spain (while serving Castro, Inc.) and compulsively flaunting it. Such people would be pathetic if they weren’t so contemptible.

    Needless to say, these parasites are convinced the gravy train will never end, so they flaunt away.

    • They, also, know that the US mainstream media that created the Castro=Robin Hood myth and that has throughout the years incessantly pushed the castroite narrative that pre-59 Cuba had a handful of exploitive rich who ate cake while the masses starved, will not criticize them even if they flaunt their asses off, ever.

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