The rifleman who played for Almendares

As my late father reminded me whenever the show came on TV, Chuck Connors played for the Almendares baseball team in Cuba. In fact, he played with the Dodgers and Cubs in 1949-51.   Connors, who was 6’5 and 190 pounds, never hit much:  .238 in 67 major league games! I understand that he played basketball, too.

On this day in 1958, “The Rifleman” made its debut on US TV and an entire generation of boys like me grew up watching it.   Even now, I catch episodes every time I can.

The show’s message was simple:  right beats wrong, a father who was a good role model and a cast of characters that we enjoyed every week.

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  1. El actor que hacia de el hijo de “El Rifleman” era Johnny Crawford, que tuvo varios exitos en el Hit Parade de la musica de esos tiempos. Recuerdo “Your nose is gona grow.”

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