Cuban priest excoriates island’s dictatorship, risks arrest

Father Alberto Reyes

From our Bureau of Fearless Troublesome Priests

Father Alberto Reyes has once again called for radical change in Cuba. In doing so, naturally, he knows he is risking heavy punishment from Castro, Inc.

Employing social media, the courageous priest blamed Castro, Inc for turning Cuba into a “living nightmare” and called on those who run Cuba to admit their failures and give up on their repressive failed policies.

Ouch! Father Reyes might have crossed the line this time. Let’s hope his punishment is not too severe. More than that, let’s hope his words help awaken Cuba from its 64-year-long nightmare.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Cuban priest Alberto Reyes wrote on his social networks referring to the communists who run the country, ensuring that the situation in which Cubans live is enough for them to realize that “a nightmare” is being experienced on the island.

“I understand that it is hard, but I ask myself again and again: Do those who have the decisions about this people in their hands not see? Do they not understand the will and desire for freedom and prosperity of their own? people? Does it make sense to remain in a dead end? Or is their policy an absurd ‘resist and conquer’ knowing that what they understand by ‘victory’ is no longer possible, nor will it be, whether Russia, China or the planet Mars support us?” wrote Father Alberto. Kings.

The extensive but forceful message from the Cuban priest assures that living on the island is a nightmare and that it is no longer necessary to affect more families to put an end to the situation.

“To you, those who have political power over this land, and to those who allow that political power to be exercised, I ask: What else do you need to see, how many more families broken by emigration, how many more deaths on the path to a dream of prosperity, how many more prisoners for asking for freedom…?”

“What more do they need to realize that Cuba has become a nightmare? What more do they need to recognize that this is not working and will only bring more suffering and misery? What more do you need to open the doors of this prison and allow us all, including you, to walk towards the light?” priest Alberto Reyes asked the leaders.

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