Cuban famine update: Dictatorship slashes sugar rations by 25%, bread rations by 33%

From our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice

How’s this for equity and social justice? Everybody gets less food. Everybody. Except for oligarchs and tourists, of course. They should have as much food as they want. Some animals are more equal than others, after all.

Never mind the fact that Cuba was once the world’s sugar king, or that it exported all sorts of foodstuffs. That was wrong and unjust. Such overabundance was produced by capitalism and capitalism is evil. Can anything evil be good or just? No, of course not. Prosperity can only be achieved through selfish behavior and injustice.

Keep that in mind, peasants. Never be selfish. Remember that the oligarchs who run socialist utopias need more food than anyone else. Thinking consumes way more calories than any other human activity. Remember also that tourists need even more food than oligarchs. Vacationing in a tropical climate consumes even more calories than thinking. That’s why some animals are more equal than others.

Are you hungry? Ignore that bourgeois feeling. Go and venerate icons of Saint Che Guevara at your local food store. Saint Che will immediately fill you with socialist virtue, something that is far more important than food, clothing, or shelter.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban government promised that 2023 would be better, but, with less than three months to go until the end of the year, the situation in Cuba has not improved, but worsened, as demonstrated by the decisions taken in recent days.

To the substitution of milk for children and the sick with “syrup” and the subtraction of a third of the weight of rationed bread, is now added the subtraction of a pound of sugar per consumer.

Of the four pounds that Cubans receive for the basic basket, in September, October and November they will only receive three, as explained by the Minister of Internal Trade (MINCIN), Betsy Díaz Velázquez, invited to the Round Table.

The minister did not explain the reason for the subtraction of a quarter of the regulated ration of sugar per consumer, although she recalled the words of the Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández in a previous program, in which he stated that “the economy is in a complex situation” and admitted that the shortage of foreign currency made it difficult to purchase basic foodstuffs.

“The deputy prime minister recently explained how much dependence this basket has on imports and the cost of fuel today,” said Díaz Velázquez, referring next to the arrival on September 29 of the first ship of rice for the month of October.

Those who had electricity in her house and were able to see the minister at the Round Table will also have learned that Cuba no longer produces beans. “Today we are totally dependent on imports,” Díaz Velázquez acknowledged, attributing it to a problem with the import of fertilizers.

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  1. You’d better believe the bovine Aleida Guevara, for one, isn’t getting any less food. And I hope she runs that store in the photo, because otherwise it’s a grotesque disgrace. Even if the responsible party is a “true believer,” the least the person can do is stick with Cuban SOBs–it’s not as if there’s any shortage of them.

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