Cuban political prisoner doing forced labor punished for taking a brief break

Dangerous ingrate and lazy inmate Allen Tijerino Castro

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Socialist Slavery with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

Allen Tijerino Castro is serving a four-year prison sentence for distributing leaflets that contained phrases written by José Martí and pleas for the release of political prisoners.

As any reasonable person can easily see, Allen is a very dangerous man who needs to be locked away. He proved this again last week by taking a break after working for a mere six hours outdoors under the lovely tropical sun. Such disrespect! Such laziness! And his insolence immediately spread to other prisoners, like some virus, and all the slave prisoners stopped working..

Castro, Inc. routinely uses inmates as unpaid laborers. These slaves are called “volunteers” because they agree to work for free in exchange for a few perks, including points for good behavior. This has been going on for a long time. Back in 2012, records retrieved from the former East Germany showed that Castro, Inc. had been using unpaid prison laborers to make tables and sofas for Swedish furniture giant Ikea in the 1980’s.

Read the story below. It reveals what leftists mean by “social justice” very clearly. Try not to scream too loudly after you’ve read it.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Political prisoner Allen Tijerino Castro was punished and threatened with greater restrictions after he demanded, during work hours, a brief break for a snack.

“He went to work voluntarily so he could obtain a job there at the Combinado del Este camp. The prisoners, even though they get up every day at five in the morning to go out to work, are not even allowed to sit down,” his wife Adis Iliana Milanés Sánchez told Martí Noticias, citing a telephone conversation they had. with her husband, after what happened.

Tijerino Castro, 37 years old, was imprisoned in June 2021 and sentenced in March 2022 to four years of deprivation of liberty under the charge of “enemy propaganda”, for launching leaflets with Martian phrases and requesting freedom for political prisoners.

This Wednesday, Tijerino went out to clean the correctional center facilities, “when they finished sweeping, they wanted to send them to weeding.” He asks the officer if he can sit down to eat the snack he had in his backpack and the officer tells him that they cannot sit and they cannot rest, that all they have to do is work,” Milanés Sánchez continued.

“My husband sits down and tells him that he is not going to work because, on top of the fact that he is working voluntarily, they are not paying him a salary. Automatically, all the prisoners stopped working, there were around seven or eight prisoners. When my husband revolted, the officer handcuffed him and tried to hit him, but my husband told him ‘do whatever you want, I have every right, because if I have been working since five in the morning and it is eleven of the day, I have to have a snack and you don’t allow me, therefore, you are exploiting me.”

After the incident, the guards transferred Tijerino handcuffed to Building 2 of the Combinado del Este, to a closed prison, in an apparent purpose of placing him under greater restrictions.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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