Cuba reelected to UN Human Rights council despite human rights abuses and terrorism support

Once again, the UN shows its ignominy. The Castro dictatorship’s historical and ongoing crimes against humanity and support of terrorism were apparently not enough to keep it off the UN Human Rights Council. The brutally oppressive and murderous communist regime received 146 votes out of 193 nations in the UN, showing the international organization is not only useless, but a stain on humanity.

Nora Gamez Torres reports in Yahoo News:

Cuba was reelected Tuesday to the United Nations Human Rights Council despite criticism from several advocacy groups and activists about the island government’s imprisonment of over a thousand peaceful protesters and dissenters.


Cuba received 146 votes, and Russia only 83. The council members are elected by the 193 U.N nations with a simple majority of 97 votes for a three-year term. Candidates are selected by region.

The Cuban government quickly celebrated the diplomatic victory on social media.

The Cuban dictatorship did indeed have a reason to celebrate. Their reelection is a victory for tyranny, oppression, and impunity, the very attributes that have helped it remain in power for 64 long years.

To make matters worse, most of the 146 nations who voted to keep Cuba on the Human Rights Council are free and democratic nations who betrayed their own principles to appease and protect a murderous regime. Their support for the Castro dictatorship is not only a blot on their character and integrity (or lack thereof of either), but also a slap in the face of the 11-million Cubans who have suffered for decades under the tyrannical yoke of the Cuban regime.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

“Today the rights of the Cuban people have been trampled, the UN as well,” said the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) condemning the re-election of the regime in Havana to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The organization denounced that states “overlooked the Cuban regime’s disastrous track record in terms of human rights and repression, especially the fact that Cuba is the country with the highest number of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in the Western hemisphere, with more than 1,000.”

“They also have not taken into account the positions the regime has taken for years in its votes and public statements in that UN body, often against the logic of human rights and in alliance with those who violate them,” the OCDH posted on the social platform X.

Although this was totally expected from an international body that is completely corrupt and void of any value, it is no less despicable and offensive. The UN deserves to be ignored and forgotten, the same way it has ignored and forgotten justice, liberty, and human rights.

2 thoughts on “Cuba reelected to UN Human Rights council despite human rights abuses and terrorism support”

  1. The vote is conveniently secret, which encourages and facilitates dirty acting by dirtbag countries. There was a perfectly good alternative to Cuba for that same seat, Peru, but it only got 108 votes. In other words, we’re talking vile degenerates not putting but KEEPING a hardcore totalitarian tyranny in a would-be human rights body. The UN, of course, is tainted beyond cleansing, to the point that this sort of scandal is “normal.”

    Lord, the contempt. This is why even the slightest presumptuousness from any non-Cuban makes me livid.

  2. The voting is purely political, meaning it’s got nothing to do with human rights. That’s why Russia didn’t get enough votes this time and why Cuba’s abysmal human rights record makes zero difference. Total farce.

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