‘Waiting for snow in Havana’ is a must-read for your kids or grandkids

We congratulate our friend Carlos on his new book. “They Flew: A History of the Impossible.” Like 14,000 other kids, Carlos Eire came to the U.S. in what we would later call the “Pedro Pan” program. He settled in Illinois and eventually became a professor at Yale. This is his story. A few months ago, we spoke with Carlos about the 20th anniversary of Babalu and “Waiting for snow in Havana,”, a book that your kids should read.

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1 thought on “‘Waiting for snow in Havana’ is a must-read for your kids or grandkids”

  1. Thanks Carlos and Silvio for that nostalgic trip. Te la comiste. Que barbaro! Yes, those Cuban expressions always make me smile or laugh. A constant source of entertainment for me and my siblings.

    Amazing the stories we have in common. I was four years old when we left in 1961 after the Bay of Pigs betrayal. My parents assumed it would just be a couple of years in the USA and then we would move back to Havana. Carlos introduced me to Babalu Blog when I was trying to find info after July 11. Hard to get info on Cuba living outside of Florida. I have become addicted to Babalu. I both love it and hate it, just like I both love and hate Cuba.

    My favorite part of Babalu are the images and videos displaying the grace, beauty and elegance of Havana in the 1950’s. The stories my parents would tell us really were true. I am glad my parents did not live long enough to see the current conditions in Cuba. It would have broken their hearts.

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