As blackouts increase, Cuban dictatorship offers $4,300 solar panels as solution

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No electricity? No problem. Buy yourself some solar panels. We’ll sell them to you at prices that not even your relatives in “the diaspora” can afford.

This is Castro, Inc.’s response to the ever-worsening energy Crisis that is rapidly turning Cuba into a starving pre-industrial third world hellhole without electricity, gasoline, or food.

Oligarchs and tourists are not affected by this transformation, so solving these problems is not a high priority item for the ruling class.

Once again, one is reminded of the myth of Queen Marie Antoinette’s infamous response to starvation in France.

“Hey, your majesties, the peasants have no electricity.” – – – “No problem, let them buy some solar panels. They only cost 515,546 Cuban pesos a piece ($4,300 USD).”

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

For the third consecutive day, the damage to the electrical service in Cuba averaged more than 900 megawatts, with damage occurring 24 hours a day. This Wednesday, the Cuban Electrical Union (UEC) predicted an impact of 973 Megawatts for peak hours.

In the midst of this electro-energy crisis in the country, the state company Copextel announced the start of the sale of solar panels at a cost of 515,546 Cuban pesos, based on the official exchange market of one dollar for 120 pesos, the Caribbean Channel reported. Cuban Television.

The prolonged blackouts in most of the national territory, together with food shortages and the decrease in transportation, increase unrest among citizens, Cubans residing in eight provinces of the island told Martí Noticias. Those interviewed considered the announced sale of solar panels at prices unaffordable for the majority of the population as a lack of respect for the people. . .

. . . In the city of Santa Clara, entrepreneur Yoel Espinosa Medrano assured that the announced sale of solar panels is a mockery, which, in his opinion, will only benefit a minority and the ruling elite.

“There are 12-hour blackouts. Without power a country is dead, and without power there are many needs for all types of transportation, because the service centers do not have the capacity to distribute the little gasoline either,” the self-employed person recalled.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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