Cuba lost votes in bid for seat on UN Human Rights Council, but still had enough to win it

The only silver lining in the UN despicably voting to reelect serial human rights abuser Cuba to the UN Human Rights Council is that the communist regime was elected with fewer votes than the previous time. Perhaps some countries are beginning to realize that electing regimes that have and continue to commit crimes against humanity as human rights watchdogs is not the best idea. Then again, this is the UN, which is so corrupt and inept, there is no way of saving it.

Via the Center for a FREE Cuba:

Number of countries not voting for Cuba’s membership on the UN Human Rights Council more than doubled from 2020, but not enough to defeat the Cuban dictatorship’s candidacy

In the Latin American and Caribbean bloc, the dictatorship in Cuba, the democracies in Brazil, and the Dominican Republic were elected to the UN Human Rights Council while the democratic government of Peru received the lowest number of votes and failed to gain a seat on the Council. There is something deeply wrong that Cuba got the most votes in this bloc, despite its horrible human rights record. However, this was not limited to this bloc.

China, despite an ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs, the occupation of Tibet, and systematic human rights violations, received a higher vote for the Human Rights Council than Cuba.

“Naming Raul Castro and his puppet Miguel Diaz-Canel to sit on the world’s human rights body is like placing Jack the Ripper on the committee to end knife violence in London,” tweeted John Suarez, executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba immediately after the vote totals were announced.

Like Jack the Ripper, the Castro regime murders innocents, as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights concluded on June 9, 2023 in their report on the merits regarding the killings of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero on July 22, 2012 by Cuban government agents, and with its membership on the UN Human Rights Council “consistently obstructs the body’s human rights mechanisms when it seeks answers.”

This is why we opposed their candidacy, circulated a letter highlighting the regime’s dismal human rights record and will continue to campaign for their expulsion from the Council.

This effort did make an impact. In 2020, Cuba received 170 votes out of 192 possible. Only 22 countries voted against the Cuban dictatorship.. Today, Cuba got 146 votes out of 192 possible. 46 countries did not vote for Havana. More than double from last time, but it is still a travesty, and a stain on the United Nations that Cuba obtained 76% of the vote.

Over 2,400 human rights advocates, religious leaders, writers, artists, intellectuals, journalists, businessmen, former diplomats and academicians appealed to members of the UN General Assembly to expel Cuba from the UN Human Rights Council.

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  1. All they needed was a simple majority, which is 97 votes, unless another country running for the same seat gets more votes than they do. Peru was running for that seat and got 108 votes, but naturally lost out to Cuba’s 146. In other words, the Castronoids have a very comfortable margin.

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