Surprise! Cuban store owned by Raul Castro’s granddaughter sells food at exorbitant prices

Abuelito and Mami are very proud of Lisa’s socialist entrepreneurship

From our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Booger Princesses and Their Progeny

Lisa Titolo Castro, daughter of Mariela Castro and granddaughter of King Raul, owns a store where food is never in short supply.

Never mind the current food crisis in Castrogonia. Lisa’s “health food” store tells its customers that due to its existence “there’s no excuse to run out of your favorite foods!” If you find it hard to believe that anyone could be so insensitive, check out Gaia’s Facebook page. Or, check out images of what Little Lisa’s store has to offer.

Never mind the prices charged, either. A half kilogram of ground-up pork “picadillo” only costs half of an average Cuban’s monthly salary.

And never mind what leftists in capitalist nations think about socialist principles of equity and social justice. This IS what socialist equity and social justice is all about. It is the reification of the basic principle governing all socialist and communist totalitarian states: “SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.”

Little Lisa, her mom Mariela, and grandpa Raul are laughing their heads off as they rake in the money made by this store, which can only be patronized by foreigners and Castrogonia’s elites.

Aahhhh . . . Life can be so beautiful when you are a member of the royal family . . .or a member of Castrogonia’s ruling class.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Gaia Mercado MSME offers everything Cubans need, as announced on its Instagram account. Those who do not receive remittances from abroad probably need five minimum wages to buy food in this business run by one of Mariela Castro’s daughters, Lisa Titolo Castro.

The market opens from 9:00AM to 9:00PM, so “There’s no excuse to run out of your favorite foods!” according to the ad.

The main reason that could prevent Cubans from purchasing the food they need in this business is the prices, which exceed the possibilities of the majority of the population.

In this business, located on 1st and F, in Vedado, half a kilogram of minced pork costs 1,100 pesos, more than half of the Cuban minimum wage, which is 2,100 pesos. Half a kilogram of pork steak costs 1,660 pesos, while the price of one and a half kilograms of chicken breast is 1,635 pesos.

These are just some of the meat that can be purchased at Gaia Mercado, whose offering includes seafood, dairy products, breads, sweets and toiletries.

The products can also be purchased online and the maximum delivery time is four days.

The products that Gaia Mercado offers to provide a healthy diet include guava, at 70 pesos per kilogram; cucumber, at 150 pesos per kilogram, and brown rice at 600 pesos per kilogram.

Cubans see MSMEs proliferate, with products at prices that for most are unaffordable, while they receive less and less food through the ration book.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish, or go HERE for an article in English from News Nation World

2 thoughts on “Surprise! Cuban store owned by Raul Castro’s granddaughter sells food at exorbitant prices”

  1. I shouldn’t be surprised, but this degree of brazen shamelessness and impropriety is still pretty amazing. It’s as if these people lived on some cloud totally oblivious to reality, but I think that’s being too generous and too naive. The fact is these Castronoids are the worst kind of trash–the kind with power.

  2. I mean, yes, these people are perverse parasites, but one would think they’d be much more discreet, though it’s admittedly harder to keep things secret nowadays. I think they’ve all bought into the idea that they will retain power indefinitely, so that they don’t have to worry about what lowly Cubans think–and of course they see ordinary Cubans as if they were practically livestock, if not insects. Still, hubris is always dangerous.

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