Woman in labor denied a hospital bed in Cuba, forced to give birth at home

According to Bernie Sanders and other socialists, communist Cuba’s healthcare system is one we should emulate. But for Cubans, that healthcare system can’t provide the most basic services. A Cuban woman who went into labor was denied a bed at a hospital in Holguin, forcing her to go back home where she gave birth. Thankfully, both mother and baby are doing well.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban mother gives birth in her own home after she’s denied hospital admission in Holguin

A 20-year-old Cuban woman gave birth in her own home after doctors at the provincial hospital in Holguín refused to admit her due to a lack of beds.

The woman’s sister, Yudislaine Naranjo, reported in a Facebook post that the young woman arrived at the hospital at 1:00 pm on Thursday “in tremendous pain and with contractions, but they couldn’t admit her because supposedly there were no available beds.”

According to her account, the doctors “told her to go home and return to the hospital when the baby’s head was already out, so they could take her directly to the delivery room.”

“Here are the results: she gave birth at home around 2:20 in the morning of October 13, but thankfully both are doing well,” she expressed.

The young woman gave birth on a bed to a baby named Cristopher, who is currently hospitalized in the neonatal care unit.

Dozens of internet users expressed their outrage at this incident, just months after another woman in the same area gave birth in a car after waiting for hours for an ambulance.

The expectant mother got into the vehicle with strong contractions, but suddenly “the labor became intense” and she gave birth inside the car, which belonged to the Ministry of the Interior.

A week ago, Cuban doctor Alexander Figueredo denounced that the people of the island “are completely unprotected in terms of health,” due to the neglect of hospitals and the lack of basic resources for patient care and emergencies.

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