Che’s last shirt casts doubt on remains buried in Santa Clara, Cuba

Sacred relic brimming over with DNA

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Castro, Inc. claims Che Guevara’s remains are entombed at a mausoleum in Santa Clara. Skeptics have been challenging this claim ever since it was made.

Is this dispute about to end? As it turns out, the shirt worn by Che when he was killed in Bolivia remained in the hands of the doctor who performed the autopsy, and this shirt is loaded with Che’s DNA.

Will Castro, Inc. dare to test the DNA of the remains in Santa Clara? Don’t bet on it. Those bones are as sacred to leftists as any saint’s relics were to medieval pilgrims. The mausoleum is a major tourist destination . . . ahem . . . perhaps it’s best to call it a pilgrimage site. As was the case with relics in the Middle Ages, the saint’s bones generate a steady income.

Needless to say, that shirt belongs in the mausoleum.

But what about Barbie?, many Che idolaters ask. Will she ever get to be entombed next to Che’s remains? They make such a cute couple . . . just like Abelard and Heloise . . .or Bonnie and Clyde . . .

From 14yMedio via Translating Cuba

In 2017, Dr. Moisés Abraham Baptista, who performed the autopsy of Che Guevara after his capture and execution, offered a challenge to Cuban authorities: using DNA evidence, verify that the remains found by the island’s forensic experts three decades ago in a grave in Vallegrande, Bolivia, and later reinterred in Santa Clara, are in fact those of the Argentine revolutionary.

As a basis for comparison, Baptista offered to provide Havana with the shirt Guevara wore when he was captured and that still has his blood and sweat on it, as well as several bullet holes. Baptista kept the garment at his house in Puebla, Mexico, where he moved after leaving Bolivia and where he lived until his death on March 2nd of this year at the age of eighty-three.

The Cuban government, of course, never responded to Baptista, who told his story to two Mexican journalists, Raúl Torres Salmerón and Leticia Montagner. The Bolivian doctor’s account as well as numerous documents, photographs and articles about the death of Guevara were collected by the authors for “I Did the Autopsy on Che Guevara.” The book, however, remains unpublished seven years after Baptista made his claim.

It took Torres and Montagner years to convince Baptista to tell his story. . . He did it on Mexican television, saying he had remained silent out of concern for his own and his family’s safety. “People must know how the things I experienced happened. It’s no longer a secret,” he said. The shirt, preserved in excellent condition by Baptista, is a key element in his argument. It came into his possession in 1967, after the autopsy, while he was working as director at the Señor de Malta hospital in Vallegrande.

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  1. Well, it’s beyond dispute that Castro, Inc. lies about anything and everything it finds beneficial to lie about, so whatever it claims about any subject is suspect unless and until proven true, so there is that.

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