Cuban dictatorship tries to charm Biden into thaw in relations, but only on its terms

Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry official Johana Tablada and Cuban dictator Raul Castro

In a cynical charm offensive that wreaks of desperation, Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship is begging the Biden administration to be their friend, but they set the terms of that “friendship.” This time, the Cuban regime is employing a different strategy, making Johana Tablada, a non-threatening smiling woman and high-ranking Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry official, the face of their offensive.

In an interview with The Hill, Tablada appears to be all smiles, but the message from the Castro regime is still the same: We can be friends, but only if you do what we ask and make no demands of us.

“We are open and willing for more cooperation. We want to turn this relation into a relation not of aggression, but to a relation of respect, respect, cooperation. And also I don’t think it’s too much to ask the U.S. what they ask of every country: The United States will not even dream and Americans will not ever dream of another country intervening in their domestic affairs,” said Johana Tablada, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s top official in the General Division for the United States.


“We always say, ‘OK, let’s talk about it seriously. Let’s put everything on the table with no exception.’ But it is very clear that the limit — in our opinion — is political will and electoral politics,” said Tablada.

Tablada goes on to blame sanctions for all of Cuba’s ills, despite the fact it trades with practically every other country in the world and benefits from billions in foreign investment on the island. Buildings in Cuba are crumbling, chronic blackouts continue, and food and medicine shortages persist because the Castro dictatorship is a corrupt regime that refuses to give up the failed socialist policies that utterly destroyed a once prosperous and vibrant economy. But the regime knows that the moment it gives up socialism is the moment it gives up power. Socialism is what keeps the Castro family dictatorship in power and pumps millions into their Swiss bank accounts, and they’re not about to give that up.

Her cynicism, however, does not end there. Tablada vociferously complains about Cuba being on the U.S. State Sponsors of Terrorism list and says it’s unfair, stating the Castro regime cooperates with the U.S. in fighting terrorism. That “cooperation” is quite suspect, especially when you consider that the Cuban dictatorship openly cooperates and provides support and aid to terrorist organizations from South America and the Middle East. Cuba even gives safe harbor for fugitive terrorists, including American terrorists. And if that were not enough, Cuba has made clear it is on the side of Hamas in its savage and deadly terrorist attack on Israel.

She also goes on to argue the U.S. does business and has good relations with other Marxist single-party states such as China and Vietnam while unfairly singling out Cuba. What she fails to mention though is that the Cuban dictatorship has yet to provide any compensation for the billions of dollars in American property their socialist revolution illegally expropriated. Both China and Vietnam negotiated and paid compensation. To this day, 64 years later, the Cuban regime refuses to pay one cent for the property it stole at gunpoint.

The only change the communist Castro regime is willing to make is in tactics to get what they want. Their demands are and will always remain the same: send us money and don’t do anything to threaten our stranglehold on power.

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  1. Only idiots or collaborationists would go for this shit, meaning it CANNOT be dismissed, certainly not with a Dem administration in power. Besides, the State Department is always dubious, no matter who’s president.

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