Harassed Cuban academic who dared to ask for change faces prison sentence

Alina Bárbara López Hernández.

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

Yet another example of what leftists everywhere prefer to do with someone who challenges their dictatorial tendencies. Calling for change and insisting that you have a right to do so in a leftist dictatorship will only get you in trouble with the law, since freedom of expression threatens all dictatorships.

Here in the U.S. there are many academics who fear being honest about their political leanings, not because they will be tried and convicted of breaking any laws but because they will be discriminated against and shunned by their colleagues. Those who are adjunct or untenured professors risk even more. You can easily lose your job for being politically incorrect.

One curious twist in this story is that the professor who is being harassed has had to play the leftist game throughout her life and career to obtain her position, as is also true in the case of many American academics who dissemble or simply keep quiet. Now she is paying the price for coming out of the closet.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Matanzas academic Alina Bárbara López Hernández will be tried in a summary trial, which is used, according to the Cuban Criminal Procedure Law, for crimes punishable by up to one year of deprivation of liberty or a fine of three hundred installments.

In statements to Martí Noticias, López Hernández specified that the oral hearing will be on November 16 at 9:30 in the morning, in the Municipal Court of Matanzas.

“It will be a trial that is known as ‘attested’. It is a type of trial in which less serious crimes are tried, even when the order of the trial date says that ‘due to the seriousness of the facts’, or the things that are narrated, in short, but they are crimes of less serious,” he said.

“It is a rather summary type of judgment without great guarantees, that is, you can only appeal to the second instance, provincial instance, but you can no longer continue appealing, for example, to the Supreme Court, far from it. It ends there and the court gives its verdict right there, that is, the sentence will be handed down at the moment. It is not like other cases where you have to do longer analyzes and so on,” said the doctor in Philosophical Sciences, who on the 18th of each month demonstrates, alone, in one of the parks in the city of Matanzas, carrying a sign. .

She has dared to publicly ask for “a democratically elected National Constituent Assembly to draft a new Constitution applicable in all its parts”, “that the State not ignore the critical situation of the elderly, retirees, pensioners and families who are in extreme poverty”, “freedom for political prisoners without mandatory exile” and “cessation of harassment of people who exercise their freedom of expression.”

For this reason, and for defending her right, and that of her colleagues and friends, to demonstrate, she has been arrested several times, limited in her freedom of movement and threatened by the political police.

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  1. Considering the response (or lack thereof) to the Hamas terror by American academia, you’d better believe this sort of case does NOT matter to them in the least. Talk about calculated and selective “virtue.”

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