Cuba’s ‘president’ blames farmers for food shortages

After 64 years of abject failure and the outright destruction of a once prosperous economy by socialism, the Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president is blaming farmers for food shortages in Cuba. Like all socialists, they will always blame someone else, often the victim, for their repeated failures. If love means never having to say you’re sorry, socialism means never having to say you’re wrong.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Diaz-Canel blames Cuban farmers for not producing enough food

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel blamed Cuban farmers for not producing the necessary food to meet the country’s domestic demand. During a recorded interview broadcast on Mesa Redonda [Round Table], the successor of the failed communist policies stated that when he walks through Cuban fields, he doesn’t see any crops or livestock.

“I have been to rural communities where you don’t see a single banana plantation, there’s no orchard of fruit trees, not a single chicken, cow, or pig,” affirmed the leader, who subsequently accused them of relying on government imports for their food.

Dependency on imports has been encouraged by the communist state ever since Fidel Castro turned Cuba into a satellite island of the Soviet socialist bloc, which maintained it as a strategic military enclave due to its privileged geographic position. All kinds of food used to arrive in the Caribbean nation from the USSR, while Cuba became a mono-exporter of sugar.

On the other hand, the restrictive policies of the Ministry of Agriculture, with their forced contracts through Acopio for agricultural productions, have hindered incentivizing production. With the implementation of monetary reform and dollarization, farmers were obligated to purchase supplies and tools from stores in Convertible Cuban Pesos (MLC) in order to produce. The logical consequence of government actions has been a steep decline in food production in a tropical country.

The statements of the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) have been described as “extreme cynicism” by Cubans on social media.

“Díaz-Canel on TV today, talked a lot but said little, and justified everything. In summary, Americans are to blame for all of Cuba’s misfortunes, the government does everything right, even if everything ultimately goes wrong, and the only solution for the Cuban people is revolution. I have never seen so much cynicism,” commented Alain Cortes from his Twitter account.

“And it’s never their fault, neither their poor management nor their demonstrated incapacity. It’s the fault of ‘others’: the blockade and the people. He wants people to eat mangoes and avocados all year round. What will they feed the animals with? Anyone can tell this person has a chicken coop in the backyard. He must be shameless and audacious,” others pointed out.

Meanwhile, activist Jorge Magdiel Castro noted that “the regime knows that Díaz-Canel’s unpopularity is widespread, but their attempt to present him as an approachable and empathetic ruler failed. Even to be a dictator, you need a bit of charisma and leadership. The disaster of his administration is resounding.”

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