MGM Muthu Hotels promise ‘opulence,’ ‘exquisite dining,’ and ‘indulgent stays’ at their luxurious Cuban apartheid hotels

Absolutely breathtaking opulence

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Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Apartheid Tourism is hosting a fair in Havana in order to lure global travel agents to fall in love with the island’s “rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.”

One of the hotel chains participating in this revolting display of moral turpitude, MGM Muthu Hotels, has released a publicity statement about the “opulent interiors” and “exquisite dining experiences,” that can be enjoyed in its “luxury accommodations.”

Yes, come on down for a dream holiday. Wait, something comes to mind. What is it? Oh, yeah, the image of a “whitened sepulcher”. Was it Jesus who came up with that?

Cuban opulence

From Breaking Travel News

MGM Muthu Hotels is delighted to announce its enthusiastic participation in welcoming guests from around the world who are attending the highly anticipated Gaviota Tourism Fair. This prestigious event serves as a showcase for Cuba’s flourishing tourism industry, and MGM Muthu Hotels is ready to stand out as a beacon of unparalleled hospitality and luxury accommodations.

The Gaviota Tourism Fair is a celebration of the country’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. As a trusted name in the global hospitality sector, MGM Muthu Hotels is committed to enhancing this experience for all attendees with opulent interiors, breathtaking locations ranging from beachfront properties to urban retreats, and exquisite dining experiences. With a portfolio of exceptional properties scattered across the island, guests have the opportunity to experience the unique charm of Cuba in the utmost style. MGM Muthu Hotels is soon going to add four new properties to its portfolio, bringing its total to 12 operational hotels in Cuba.

MGM Muthu Hotels is an internationally acclaimed hotel group known for its exceptional properties in prime destinations like Portugal, Spain, England, Scotland, Kenya, Cuba and India. With a commitment to delivering the highest standards of service and luxury, MGM Muthu Hotels ensures that travellers experience an unforgettable and indulgent stay.

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  1. No, Carlos. A whitened sepulcher is someone who projects a falsely virtuous or righteous image. These MGM Muthu people aren’t even bothering to fake virtue; they’re openly going for filthy lucre.

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