Cuban exiles who criticize the Castro regime are ‘failures,’ according to Cuba’s ‘president’

For decades, Cuban exiles have shown the world how successful they can be once they escape the chains of communism. But according to the Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president, they are “failures.” There is no Cuban who believes this, not even Diaz-Canel. If escaping communism and going into exile makes you a failure, you wouldn’t have millions of Cubans trying to leave the island. But like all socialists, the sock puppet will repeat the lie, over and over again. Not to make it true, but because as a socialist, he cannot say the truth.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Diaz-Canel calls Cubans who emigrate and criticize the regime ‘failures’

Miguel Díaz-Canel referred to Cuban emigrants critical of the regime in terms of “failures” and once again placed the responsibility for the ongoing exodus from the island squarely on the United States, in an interview with journalist Arleen Rodríguez Derivet, broadcast on Monday on the Mesa Redonda program.

“(…) To not recognize the failure, because there are some who leave, I won’t speak in absolute terms whether it’s more or less, but who really don’t find the American dream, end up in a more disadvantageous situation than they may be in Cuba. At least in Cuba, they have a situation with more social security than they might have in the country they went to. But they have so much hatred, they can’t even acknowledge that the country they went to didn’t welcome them as they expected. So they turn against Cuba, against the revolution, as if the revolution were the cause of their decision,” Díaz-Canel said.

Reactions from Cubans who have left the island and openly criticize the regime were not long in coming.

“In a huge lack of respect for almost half a million Cubans who have fled the regime, Díaz-Canel asserts that many have ‘failed,’ and that is the real reason for their ‘hatred’. It would be good to know how many of those who have left want to return to communism!” activist Magdiel Jorge Castro wrote.

Journalist Mario J Pentón commented: “Canel says that Cubans who leave the country don’t want to admit that things aren’t going as well as we thought, and that’s why we don’t return. That is to say, just when you thought you’d heard it all, when you think a communist, and specifically this clown, can’t surprise you with an even bigger clown show.”

For journalist Ernesto Ríos, based in the United States, “the more they talk, the less credibility they have, but the lies of the Cuban dictatorship already sound unhinged at first glance.”

At another point in the interview, Díaz-Canel downplayed the unstoppable migratory exodus and shifted responsibility by saying that these are situations that occur when the United States government tightens its policy towards Cuba.

“Before [Donald] Trump, the situation was different. There were visas, remittance facilities, the consulate was operating, repatriation flows were significant,” but with Trump “consular services were canceled in Cuba, they were done in other countries with limitations, they even took measures to reduce tourism, such as canceling ESTA visas for Spanish citizens, and they still haven’t removed the Cuban Adjustment Act,” he said.

He acknowledged that the island is losing its young people, its workforce, women of reproductive age, which negatively impacts various indicators. He also praised those who choose to stay in Cuba despite everything.

Amid the discontent that his interventions often generate, and following the trend of other allied Latin American leaders, the ruler announced that his press team is designing a space to provide information to the population. He didn’t offer many details about it or a broadcast date, but he mentioned that it’s part of the “communication strategy of his government.”

“I’m always ready to communicate, and I’ve also demanded from the comrades in the leadership of the Party (Communist), the comrades in the government leadership, all of us who hold responsibilities, that we have to systematically inform the population about the matters that fall within their jurisdiction,” he said.

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  1. Usually Communist leaders call anyone who criticizes the regime insane and in need of reeducation because you would have to be crazy not to appreciate all that your government does for you.

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