Student injured after a ceiling collapse at school in Cuba

The wonders and glory of Cuba’s socialist revolution never cease. After decades of criminal neglect by the Castro dictatorship, a ninth grader in Villa Clara was injured when a school ceiling collapsed. Havana and the rest of Cuba is crumbling, building collapses killing and injuring Cubans are an almost daily occurrence, and the communist regime continues to allocate resources to build new hotels and resorts for foreign tourists. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Collapse at a school in Villa Clara leaves one student injured

A ninth-grade student was injured this Thursday in a partial collapse that occurred at a school in Villa Clara.

According to official sources, the accident happened at the Julio Antonio Mella Basic Secondary School in the municipality of Caibarién when a piece of the ceiling collapsed due to its high degree of deterioration.

State-affiliated blogger Henry Omar Pérez reported on Facebook that the injured student is “not in danger of life” and is being attended to by Public Health authorities.

Regarding the collapse, the journalist stated that it was caused by “the detachment of a part of the plaster from the ceiling structure due to the rains.”

“Immediately, Party and Government authorities, as well as the Education leadership, went to the scene to assess the situation.”

A source told CubaNet anonymously that this is not the first time such an accident has occurred at the school.

“It’s not the first time this has happened. Last year, a piece of the ceiling in another classroom fell and hit a child’s head. The school is in ruins, and they neither repair it nor close it. It seems like they’re waiting for a tragedy. I talked to the teacher about this situation, and she downplayed the injuries that the two affected children have now. She says they are ‘superficial,’ as if we should only take action when something terrible happens,” they pointed out.

Commenters on social media lamented the negligence of the authorities at this educational institution regarding the poor condition of the building.

“Very regrettable what happened. I think the School Center Management should have been more aware as well. A ceiling in poor condition doesn’t collapse immediately; its poor condition is noticeable, and measures should be taken before something like today happens,” commented Cuban diplomat Carlos De Céspedes Piedra.

Another commenter, Rosario Pérez Guizán, denounced that while schools and state buildings are “falling apart,” the Island’s regime continues to build hotels, “most of which are at half capacity and others completely empty.”

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