As buildings in Cuba continue to collapse, the Castro dictatorship announces new luxury hotel

The ongoing building collapses in Cuba due to criminal negligence have left several Cubans dead and countless others homeless. But the communist regime’s priority is building luxury hotels for foreign tourists. The only thing the Castro dictatorship is interested in is keeping the flow of hard currency from foreign tourists streaming into the regime’s coffers. Cubans are left to continue living in squalor, their lives at risk in old buildings that have not received even the most basic maintenance in decades.

Via CubaNet:

Cuban Regime Announces Inauguration of Luxury Hotel: Cubans without Homes Are Not the Regime’s Priority

The inauguration of Meliá Trinidad Península Hotel, with 401 guest rooms, has been announced just days after three Cuban nationals died in a building collapse in Old Habana.

Just a few days after the deaths of three Cubans due to the collapse of a multi-family building in Old Havana on October 3rd, the official press confirmed the inauguration of a five-star hotel –the Meliá Trinidad Península- for tourism high season.

Managed by the Spanish hotel chain Meliá Hotels International and located in Playa María Aguilar, the luxury hotel features 401 guest rooms, both “standard” and “level”, and the capacity for self-sufficiency energy-wise with a platform of 1,500 solar panels and a hot-water system operated by solar panels as well. All this is happening while the Cuban population endures daily blackouts and water shortages.

According to Prensa Latina, “the select ‘The Level’ area offers personalized attention, and aims to welcome families, couples or groups (18 years of age and older) with privacy and intimacy and a high level of services.”

The hotel facility also will provide “its own transportation for fieldtrips to the social and cultural attractions” of the region.

The hotel also features seven bars and seven restaurants, as well as formal spaces for holding events, meetings and celebrations, aimed especially to business and leisure groups.

According to Juan Pereira, its general director, quoted by Prensa Latina, “this Meliá meets the highest standards of excellence, it’s the flagship hotel facility in the second most important beach in Cuba after Varadero,”

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